Loving Summer Rain by Megan Slayer

Loving Summer Rain by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

A match made in heaven? More like a match made in Norville and made to last.

Arthur Burton wants a lover and partner, but no man seems to want to be with the local insurance agent. He’s not the bland two-dimensional man on the billboards, but he hasn’t been given the chance to show his colors.

Summer Rain Davis embodies the bohemian lifestyle. He loves his arts and crafts. He’s always had a thing for the buttoned-up professional types and when he’s set up with Arthur, sparks fly.

Love is possible in a small town if Arthur and Summer Rain are willing to give their romance a try.

Can these two men, seemingly total opposites, find common ground and love to last a lifetime? Or will their differences keep them apart?

Very fast-paced with lots of smoochy bits.

On paper, Summer Rain and Arthur are not a match. However, the resident fairy godmother/hairdresser/dog rescuer James, thinks they are perfect for each other. They agree to be set up on a date and there you go. They click instantly and their relationship moves at supersonic speed.

It is low angst for the most part. Some of the relationships and occurrences didn’t make sense to me. Billy – I got. I understand where he was coming from. But Cash? Don’t get him at all. Or Benji for that matter. The whole scene with him felt off, including Summer Rain’s reaction to him.

This is the first book in the series (Love Me Do) so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next in the town of Norville. Recommended by me for a light read.

The Glass Demon by Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead

The Glass Demon by Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead
Publisher: Totally Entwined
Genre: Historical, Erotic Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

What you can’t see could kill you.

When Cecily arrives at her new home with her fiancé, Raf, she’s looking forward to a happy life with all her fears behind her. No longer a put-upon drudge, she is loved and free, ready to explore their new world.

After a summer spent battling the forces of darkness, Raf’s happy to get back to the garden of his chaotic ancestral home. There are flowers to tend and vegetables to harvest and he’s determined to create a perfect sanctuary for Cecily to call her own.

But when a demon made of glass escapes from an ancient church window, the peace of their idyllic village is shattered. Neighbour turns against neighbour, crops turn bad in the soil and flies blacken the air. As a child lingers between life and death, bewitched by the glass demon’s bite, Raf and Cecily must remind the villagers of what really matters and unite the community in a battle to send their infernal tormentor back to hell.

Raf and Sissy are making their way to their home up in Yorkshire. Both are looking for some quiet time. Will they get it, or will they get more than they bargained for?

This is the second book in the de Chastelaine series, and I definitely recommend you read book one as it will help you understand both the characters and the situation they are currently in.

The village in Yorkshire is very different from a boarding school in Devon, but still you are delighted with the descriptions of both characters and landscape/buildings, etc. With a glass demon on the loose that feeds off hate and fear, it is up to Sissy and Raf, plus the children of the village, to sort things out.

This is a fast-paced, intriguing, sweet story that gives me a nostalgic feeling. I adore the genteel romance between Raf and Sissy, plus the addition of new characters, like Mike and Mim (and I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but think of the magnificent, marvelous, mad Madam Mim!)

A fantastic addition to the series and I can’t wait for the next. Absolutely recommended by me.