PG to X-rated and Everything in Between

PG to X-rated and Everything in Between

I love love. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t prefer reading books that included a little romance … after all, even Cinderella kissed her prince, and who could forget “Lady and the Tramp” and its spaghetti scene?

As I grew older, I moved on from “Snow White” to “Forever” by Judy Blume where … OMG… the heroine HAS SEX with her boyfriend. It all ends very badly, and I’m sure it was meant to teach me a lesson, but all of us seventh graders knew exactly which pages had THAT on it and we returned to them again and again.

By eighth grade, I was reading Harlequin Presents (not those dull romances where nothing happens… oh no, I wanted my characters to get it on) and found myself intrigued by all that tension and crackling fire between men and women.

By high school, I was feeling a little bit of that crackling myself. So THAT’S what it’s all about. I’ll admit to being a late bloomer—no nookie in high school for me—but I indulged in plenty of necking and lots of letting my guy make it to second and third base and, oh yeah, it was the ultimate. And I knew then that S-E-X was really all that.

When I started putting pen to paper, though, writing sex scenes was really difficult. I loved, Loved, LOVED writing tension: those little shivers when he brushes your hand, the tingles from head to toe during that first kiss, the tension low in your gut when his tongue touches yours and you feel him hard against you. One of my writing friends used to write these great stories, with incredible plots that were terribly romantic, and then she’d send them to me with the request to add that all important sexual tension. It was, by far, my favorite thing to write.

But strangely enough, I just couldn’t bring myself to pen “the act”.

That all changed when I was challenged to write something for Whipped Cream Reviews’ short story page. Another pre-published friend and I gave it a go (and it became the beginning of The Menagerie Authors – the website and blog I share with three other awesome erotic authors) and I had a BLAST! Sex was fun, fun, fun! And, shockingly, it was published (it’s here if you’re interested in seeing my very first attempt:

There was no going back. Writing a LOT of sex is almost easier than not writing sex—your characters can live “if it feels good, do it”. They need motivation, of course, and I prefer to have the emotion there, too, or else it’s not erotic romance, but it was freeing.

I’ll be honest, I still like writing sweeter romance, but not too sweet. I find it somehow abnormal when I read stories where the main characters don’t even kiss before professing their love for one another. There have been seven month babies since the dawn of time – it happens. After all, to quote George Michael, “Sex is natural, sex is fun…”

Go ahead. Indulge. Read it. Write it. Live it. 😉

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Lorelei Confer

Good morning! This is my first time on the blog so I’d better introduce myself. I’m Lorelei Confer and I write Romantic Suspense. I started writing in the fourth grade when my teacher chose a play I’d written to be produced for all students and parents alike. I’ve been writing ever since. I live on the west coast of Florida with my husband, two cats and my Chihuahua, AJ.

Currently, I’m working on a series called ‘Deadly’ about human trafficking. Following are the first two books in the series and can be purchased at or

Please visit my website at:; or my blog at or email me at I’d love to hear from you!

In doing my research for Deadly Deception I learned so much about human trafficking I really wanted to get a message out there for every woman and thought the romance genre would be the way to go. I met with an undercover detective assigned to our local task force for human trafficking and from all the information I gleaned from that and numerous other interviews I was able to put together realistic stories.

My current WIP (Deadly Deliverance) is also about human trafficking but from an investigators point of view. I hope to have it finished in the next couple months and ready for release early next year.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy researching and writing them!!

Isabella Donnelly, is drugged, abducted, and taken from her so-called friend’s house in Colorado and transported across state lines all the way to Virginia. Finally escaping after several attempts, she ironically runs unto the arms of skeptical detective, Wyatt Bowman. The staggeringly handsome, with nothing-gets-past-him sharp blue eyes, is hard to convince that the horrific story she’s telling is true.

Their attraction is hot, sizzling, and irresistible. While they get caught up in each other, will Wyatt be able to let her go through with a sting operation against the group that is human trafficking women from all over the country? Will he trust her to handle the danger, and then when she finds out his secret, will he be able to gain her trust in return?

Tory Richards returns to North Carolina to help her mother set up a B & B never expecting to stumble across several murder victims, fall in love, or get abducted by human traffickers.

Fortunately, when she’s run off the road on the way into town, Dave Miller, working undercover on the task force for human trafficking, comes to her aid. She blows off the near fatal accident as just that—an accident, but rethinks her position once events escalate.

Someone is trying to kill Tory. Failing that, she’s being set up as a suspect in four murders. As Dave falls more deeply for Tory, how will he tell her who he is and what he does? Will she ever trust him? Trust becomes a moot point when Tory is abducted and everything points to the group of human traffickers Dave’s had under surveillance. He calls in the entire task force, but will they reach Tory before she’s used as a sex slave?

Human Trafficking is the exploitation by force, fraud or coercion of vulnerable people for forced labor, domestic servitude or commercial sex operations. It is one of the most lucrative and growing businesses in the world today. Have you ever wondered how YOU could help stop human trafficking in your area?

Clues that may help you identify a possible trafficking victim:

1) Accompanied by a controlling person or boss: not speaking on own behalf
2.) Lack of control over personal schedule, money, I.D., travel documents
3) Transported to and from work; lives and works in the same place
4) Debt owed to employer/crew leader; inability to leave job
5) Bruises, depression, fear, overly submissive


  • What type of work do you do?
  • Are you being paid?
  • Can you leave your job if you want to?
  • Can you come and go as you please?
  • Have you or your family been threatened?
  • What are your working and living conditions like?
  • Where do you sleep and eat?
  • Do you have to ask permission to eat/sleep/go to the bathroom?
  • Are there locks on your doors/windows so you can’t get out?
  • Has your identification been taken from you?

Investigations have successfully led to the conviction of more than 300 pimps, madams, and their associates who exploit children and women through prostitution. These convictions have resulted in lengthy sentences including multiple 25-year-to-life sentences and the seizure of real property, vehicles, and monetary assets.

•Susie, 39 years old, was in high spirits at the airport in Mombasa. She boarded a plane on her way to Germany to spend a three-month holiday, courtesy of her ‘boyfriend’ who had lavished gifts upon her for months. All hopes of an exciting, wonderful stay in a foreign land were shattered on arrival in Germany, when her boyfriend/trafficker confiscated her passport and denied her food for several days before informing her that she would work as a sex slave. She was raped repeatedly, beaten, and threatened with death. After enduring gross exploitation, Susie used a cell phone to call police who instigated a raid and was able to rescue her from her abductors.

Please leave me a comment and ask me any questions you may have. I’d love to interact with you. Thanks for stopping by and hope to talk to you soon.