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Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday!  This week’s topic is Audio Freebie so I’m taking a break from books to discuss music!  Whether I’m cleaning, cooking, driving, or going for a run, I love listening music.  Like a really great book, music can be a mood booster, calming, or energizing.  I debated on how to approach this topic.  Should I list my ten favorite bands, albums, songs?  Then I had an unusual experience, and I knew I had to share it.  So today before I get to my list, I’m going to talk about an amazing band called The Maine.

A couple years ago I was at a concert, and The Maine were the opening act.  They put on such a great show.  I was immediately hooked.  Their newest album is being released on Friday, March 29th.  I pre-ordered it last month, which speaks to how much I love this band.  I’m very particular about my music, and I never pre-order anything.  However, I have a lot of faith in this band.

A couple weeks ago shortly after putting my kids to bed, my phone rang.  It was a restricted number, and I don’t normally answer my phone if I don’t know the number.  However, I picked it up without thinking.  It was Garrett Nickelsen, the bass player for The Maine…..  He was calling to thank me for pre-ordering their album!  I know The Maine does things like this.  I’ve seen videos on you tube of them calling fans, but never expected to be lucky enough to get a call.  The conversation went something like this.

Garrett: Is this (my real name, but I’m not sharing that here 🙂 )?

Me: Yes

Garrett: This is Garrett from The Maine, and you pre-ordered our album.

Me: (freaking out inside but staying calm outwardly) Yes I did.

Garrett: I just wanted to call and say thanks.  We really appreciate it.

Me: Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ve enjoyed the songs you’ve released so far. (I’m so not cool)

Garrett: So how has your day been?

Me: It’s been pretty good.  Both my kids have colds so I’ve been dealing with that. (Seriously?! Thanks the best thing I can think to say when talking to a member of such an awesome band?!)

Garrett: Oh yeah, cold and flu season is terrible.  Hope they feel better soon.

Me: Thanks. (still kicking myself for not thinking of something better to say but also thinking how nice Garrett is being)

Garrett: Well, thanks again for your support, and I hope to see you out on tour this year.

Me: I already have tickets to one of the shows! (Finally I have something cool to say!)

Garrett: Awesome!  Thanks!  See you out on tour then.  Have a good night!

Me: You too, and thanks for calling!

I disconnected the call and promptly freaked out. (and thought of so many better things I could have said)

So today in honor of The Maine being such an amazing band and so great to their fans, I’m going to list some of my favorite songs by The Maine.  The titles are linked to you tube.  I recommend using earbuds if you’re at work as some of the lyrical content might not be appropriate for that setting.

From their sixth album Lovely Little Lonely

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From their fifth album American Candy

From their fourth album Forever Halloween

From their third album Pioneer

I’ve clearly exceeded ten songs, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I hope you get a chance to listen to some of the songs, and I hope you like them!


  1. Oh wow, that’s so cool! I’ve never heard of The Maine, but I’ll certainly check them out now.

    • Poinsettia says

      I hope you get a chance to listen to some of their songs. They are great and genuinely care about their fans.

      Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  2. I was smiling the whole story!! I will check them up just as a “thank you” for this amazing story)))

    • Poinsettia says

      Thank you for reading my post, and I’m glad my story made you smile! I do hope you get a chance to check them out. 🙂

  3. I’ve only listened to a few songs from The Maine, clearly I need to listen to them more! Thanks for the rec!

  4. Dinara Tengri says

    This story is the best thing I read in a long while! I can’t imagine what was going through your mind in that moment. This is even better than my “meeting a celebrity in the elevator not realizing who they were” story 😀

    • Poinsettia says

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my story. It was definitely an unbelievable experience. What is your story? I’d love to hear it.

      Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  5. This post deserves all the love. <3 It is SO COOL when artists appreciate their fans that much and I'm really honestly excited for you right now!

    • Poinsettia says

      Thank you! I’m pretty excited about it too. Yes, it is amazing when artists not only say they appreciate their fans, but actually show it.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

  6. That’s amazing! How brilliant that they’re so dedicated to their fans! I haven’t heard of the band, but I’ll be on the lookout for them now. ?

    • Poinsettia says

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post. They really are great, and they genuinely appreciate their fans. I hope you get a chance to listen to some of their music.

      Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  7. LOL this story is fantastic. I would be the total same – I’d get shy and tongue twisted. That is so cool that they called to thank you though. Sound like they are great to their fans!

    • Poinsettia says

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. They really are awesome to their fans.

      Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  8. Oh wow that is so awesome! So great that they do that.

  9. That is so awesome! That must have been exciting for you.

    I pre-ordered Laura E. Weymouth’s book and she wrote me a nice note and she mentioned talking to me on Twitter. I know not everybody can do something like that, but when they do, it does make an impression.

    • Poinsettia says

      It was!

      How nice for you as well! It really does make a big impression when people show appreciate like that.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

  10. I am not familiar with this group or their music. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. What a unique post! 🙂

  12. Just listen and they are definitely something I would listen to. Thanks for introducing me!

    • Poinsettia says

      I’m so glad you like them! You’ll have to let me know which songs you like the best.

      Thank you for visiting. 🙂

  13. It’s okay, I’m terrible at thinking of things to say in those kinds of moments too! But, it’s still so great that you had that opportunity! Thanks for checking out my post this week! – Shayna

    • Poinsettia says

      You’re welcome!

      Yes, I’m very glad to have had the opportunity even though I wish I were quicker to think of things to say.

      Thank you for visiting my post! 🙂

  14. When my daughter was in middle school/high school I saw the Maine so many times. Bamboozle, Glamour Kills tours, etc. They were awesome.

    • Poinsettia says

      They really are! I’ve only seen them twice (so far). I try to get out and see them when they are in a reasonable driving distance and when my schedule allows. I’m really looking forward to seeing them this Spring!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

  15. I feel old. I never heard of the Maine before. I’ll check out their songs soon.

    • Poinsettia says

      No need to feel old. 🙂 They’ve been around for a while and have a diverse fan base. I hope you do get a chance to listen to some of their song.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  16. That is pretty amazing actually… that they call fans! How fun!

  17. I don’t think I’ve heard of the band! (I do… kind of live beneath a rock sometimes, pop culturally speaking…)

    • Poinsettia says

      I’m not up to date on pop culture either. In fact I don’t really listen to much of what is on the radio. I found The Maine by listening to another band I love. Thank you for visiting and commenting. 🙂

  18. I love your story! I’ve listened to The Maine, but I’ve only listened to their two newest albums. I loved the American Candy album, but I haven’t ever gone back further and I honestly don’t know why. I’m going to add your recommended songs to my Listen to Later playlist!

    • Poinsettia says

      I love their two most recent albums! They try to do something different sound wise with each album, which is another reason why they are a fun band. I hope you enjoy their other albums when you get a chance!

  19. Omg how cool is The Maine! And now I have new music to listen to!

    • Poinsettia says

      They are so awesome! I hope you enjoy them when you get a chance to listen to some of their songs.

      Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  20. I haven’t heard of The Maine but their music genre is definitely my kind of music. I’ll need to check it out!

  21. I’m not familiar with the band, but I think I’ll have to look them up!

    Lauren @ Always Me>

  22. I love The Maine! That’s so neat that Garrett called you. I would have been the exact same way and not known what to say at all. I saw them back when I was in high school, and I have tickets to one of their shows in May, I’m so excited! Their new album is so good!!

    • Poinsettia says

      Yes, the new album is really good!

      I plan on seeing them this spring as well!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

  23. I am so glad I made sure to check for your most recent TTT post. That story put the biggest smile on my face.

  24. This is not only a cool spin on this week’s topic, it’s also a really neat story. Such a fun experience when you are a fan of a band/book/author or whatever the fangirl element may be. Glad you had that kind of cool experience. 🙂

    Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland last week. 🙂

    • Poinsettia says

      You’re welcome! It was a really neat experience and I’m glad I had the opportunity to share the story.

      Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  25. That is so cool that they call people who pre-order their album! What a nice personal touch. That’s so sweet!

    • Poinsettia says

      It is! Just one of the things that makes them such an amazing band.

      Thank you for visiting. 🙂

  26. Hmm that’s a new to me one, too. It’s amazing how many bands/singers are out there 🙂

    • Poinsettia says

      Yes, there are a lot out there, but I’m not really up on the latest music. However, when I find a band to love, I’m very loyal. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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