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Long and Short Reviews welcomes Ana Jolene who is celebrating the recent release of In My Dreams, book six in her Moonrise Beach series. Leave a comment or ask the author a question for the chance to win a copy of the book.

Writing Multiple Genres

I’ve been a reader for a very long time and in those years, one of my favorite things is when authors merge different genres together to create something totally unique and new. My debut series, the Glory MC series, blended together New Adult, Dystopian and Erotic Romance in a thrilling mix and now I’ve continued to do the same with my Contemporary Romance series, Moonrise Beach.

The newest installment to the series is called IN MY DREAMS and it blends Contemporary and Women’s Fiction elements together. Why do I like to do this with my books? Well, I think it’s because you can really play around with the theme and characters of the book better. Take the heroine of IN MY DREAMS for example. Sage Bishop has appeared in the other Moonrise Beach books for a while now and has experienced a lot of pain and heartbreak. So when it was her time to have a happily-ever-after, I wanted to showcase her personal journey more.

Women’s Fiction focuses a lot on the heroine’s struggles and growth and so, IN MY DREAMS definitely dives deeper into Sage’s personal grief. It’s only when Bodhi, the hero of the story, returns to Moonrise Beach that she begins to heal from her past by embracing it rather than trying to run away from it.

IN MY DREAMS has come one of my most emotional and poignant books to date and many readers and reviewers have already shown their praise for it. It truly makes me happy to see you all enjoying the book as it was a bit out of my comfort zone. But I think all the extra work was worth it in the end. IN MY DREAMS is definitely a book that I’m proud of.

Sage Bishop lost everything when her husband, Cole, died in a tragic car accident. But in overcoming her grief, she has also managed to create the first dog café in Moonrise Beach. Although Latte Love is bursting with success, Sage still feels the hollow ache that her husband’s absence has left behind.

After the death of his older brother, Bodhi Evans fled the country and moved to Australia to pursue his surfing career. But when his training brings him back to Moonrise Beach, Bodhi must come face-to-face with his grief and his brother’s widow—the same woman who he has loved since he was a child.

Will seeing each other again after all these years reopen old wounds? Or will Sage and Bodhi finally be able to let go of the past and discover the healing power of love?

About the AuthorAna Jolene is the author of the Glory MC series, a New Adult Dystopian and the Contemporary Romance series, Moonrise Beach.

Growing up as a rebellious kid didn’t allow for much reading time. It wasn’t until Ana was in university that she found her passion for books and has since then devoured every book placed before her. Ana holds a B.A. in Psychology and has worked in both IT and Administration. But she’s had the most fun in the bookish world, working as a reviewer, columnist, and assistant to multiple sites and best-selling authors.

Ana currently lives in Toronto with her family and an extremely lazy Shih Tzu whom she adores. To learn more about Ana and her books, please visit her websiteand subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of the hottest new releases and giveaways!


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