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Christmas in Storyland

A Character Letter

Written by Angela Taylor of Inn on the Edge

My Dearest Josh,

I was in my studio trying to paint, but I couldn’t get much done because I kept thinking about you. I miss you so much! I know you had to go to this training conference for your new job – but it’s so hard to have you gone for two weeks. How can they do this to people, scheduling the conference just before Christmas? Don’t they know we’re newlyweds and that this is our first Christmas together? Are they heartless?

Anyway, enough with the grousing. I was daydreaming about you just now. Would you like to hear the juicy details? Are you ready to play? Here goes:

When you get home, Josh, as soon as you walk in the door, I bring out the magic Storybuilder Necklaces we brought back from the Inn, the ones the Demon gave me just before we escaped. I know you’ve been dying to play with them!

First, we undress each other. We drape the Storybuilder Pendants over one another’s shoulders. You arrange mine so that it falls perfectly between my breasts, and then you lean over and kiss me. (Like the daydream so far?)

We say the magic words and the Storybuilder turns on. Colorful speckles of light scatter over our faces, our bodies, looking for all the world like miniature Christmas lights. Admiring the effect the light show has on our nakedness, we nestle closer to each other. Before long I’m settled on your lap. We kiss again, even though kissing isn’t part of the formal script that activates the magic. (I know you’re liking it, now!)

The sparkling lights die down, signaling that the magic is ready. It’s time to take turns building our Storyland. Quivering with anticipation – this is so fun! – I choose the setting: we’re in a castle, a deserted castle in the middle of a dense forest.

We watch, wide-eyed, as real world of our bedroom fades away and is replaced with magic. Rough stone walls materialize around us. The ceiling is made of wide, hand-hewed beams. The flagstone floor is covered with a hand-knotted carpet. Amazingly, impossibly, we’re inside a drafty, cool castle. It even smells old. (Did you expect it to look so real, Josh? I didn’t, the first time!)

I decide the place should be decorated for Christmas, and more things appear: a fifteen-foot Christmas tree in the corner of the room, fat aromatic candles burning in a wide circle around us, bunting draped from the ceiling and doorways, and permeating the air, the smell of cloves and cinnamon and eggnog. (Yes, that’ll do nicely.)

Now it’s your turn, Josh. You get to choose the characters we’ll portray in our own private Story Land. You think about it for a moment while I gaze at your handsome flushed face – see? You’re getting into this! – and then you smile and tell me that you are the Lord of the Forest, a rich and powerful man, who has had this charming wilderness castle built for one purpose only – to share with his secret love…the parlor maid.

(So I’m to be a parlor maid? You funny, funny man.)

We watch as we’re magically draped in rich velvets and supple leather (for the Lord of the Forest), and in a thin, ill-fitting frock (for the parlor maid.)

(Thank you very much, Josh. Would it have been so bad to let me have a ball gown?)

Then it’s my turn to add to the Story again. I declare that we need a banquet table heaped with the best food and drink, fresh and savory and ready to eat. Because we’re going to get hungry, after all I have planned for us.

Arching your eyebrow, you quickly add an enormous four-poster bed, complete with satin sheets and comforters and plenty of pillows.

I add a mirror over the bed. Why not?

You add a box of sex toys. Again, why not?

And there you have it, Josh. The beginning of a Story. The rest will have to wait until you are here, until we’re together again. Until then, I’ll be thinking of nothing else.


Your Little Parlor Maid

gail bridges innontheedge_msrAngela and her brand-new husband Josh have just arrived at their honeymoon destination, a romantic bed-and-breakfast hotel on the breath-taking Washington coast—the Inn on the Edge.

But everything isn’t as it seems. The lessons that come free with the room aren’t for painting the lovely coastal scenery—the lessons are for better sex. Angie and Josh, shocked and titillated, immerse themselves in every sensual offering.

It doesn’t take long for things to go horribly wrong. They discover that the old man running the place is a sex demon, who has been stealing their sensual energy. Worse, he’s dangerously in love with Angie and he has plans for her—plans involving an heirloom wedding ring.

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About the Author: Gail Bridges is happiest when she’s working on a new story, typing away with a purring cat on her lap. She’s even been known to forget to eat when she’s writing a great scene—which never, ever happens in real life.

When she’s not writing, Gail can be found in her metalworking studio, creating jewelry she sells at Fine Art Fairs. If she’s not making earrings or necklaces, she’s probably playing her classical guitar. Gail lives with her husband and six very demanding cats.

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