Winter Blogfest: A.Y. Stratton

Why I Love December by A. Y. Stratton

My big brother was born on July 2.  When he was a kid, he celebrated his birthday outside with a picnic of hotdogs, chips and cupcakes. The boys all ran around, sailing their balsa airplanes and begging my dad to rescue the planes from the maple tree in our front yard. Sometimes they’d run through the sprinkler, glad to be blasted with cool water.

My birthday is December 12. When I mention that to others, they usually express their sympathy. They assume I must have been gypped, because my celebrations must have been blurred by all the Christmas activities. My friends sympathized, assuming I’d get fewer gifts, because of the big holiday that followed.

But my mother made sure that didn’t happen. I had my parties on my exact birthday, no matter what. I felt lucky, because I got gifts twice in that month–maybe a new doll for my birthday and some clothes for her for Christmas.

I thought the candy canes and ribbons that decorated the neighbors’ homes were for me. I loved waking up on my birthday and peeking out the window to see snow falling, tiny crystals glittering in the morning sun. Even now I enjoy a snowfall on my birthday. It’s my special present.

My first child was born in June. Her parties were outside, fun games and squirt guns, just like my brother’s. And then, wouldn’t you know, my second daughter was born two days after Christmas. Now there’s a tricky day to host a party! The little friends showed up tired. They’d already had too much candy. And their parents weren’t eager to pick them up promptly, if at all.

And I couldn’t send them outside to play in the 29-degree weather. Even so, it was my daughter’s special day.

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  1. Thank you, Long And Short Reviews, for supporting the work of so many wonderful authors with a beautiful website and creative topics. I am sitting at my desk looking out on a “blanket of white” that covers my backyard, and remembering what fun I had setting my romantic suspense story, Buried Secrets, in this same weather. In this climate, winter becomes one more character in the plot, especially when a man and a woman sneak into the same house on the same night…and witness a murder.
    I hope you will win a copy of my book and then snuggle beneath your comforter to enjoy the adventure.

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  3. My daughter was born on Christmas Eve. We try very hard to make sure she never feels pushed aside because of Christmas, but it is difficult to throw her party because people are so busy this time of year. I hope she grows up as happy as you about her birthdate. Great post.

    • Thank you, Emma. It is a challenge, but worth it. I enjoyed writing about my birthday. I hadn’t thought about those days for a long time. I especially like recalling those sweet times, because both my parents are gone now.

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