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MEDIA KIT The_Overending_Cover_for_KindleThe Overending is nonstop, fast-paced, mind-bending fantasy. Fantastic and quirky, exhilarating and addicting, this entertaining adventure takes readers on a wild ride that they will never want to end. Ridiculous, but deadly serious. Hits you hard in the funnies, while turning your mind inside out. The Overending continues the unfolding epic saga of the Wood Cow Chronicles—a fantastical, magical, completely unexpected world that swallows both kids and adults whole!

Enjoy this excerpt:

A crash would mean certain, perhaps instant, death. The only hope was to keep the spinning airship off the deadly peaks. His mind racing, even as nausea made him gasp for breath, Emil realized that survival required one desperate step.

“PorNart, my friend,” Emil said, “I’m going to take a big chance and—I’ll either save us both, or we both die.”

Emil reached upward and grasped the anchor rope coiled and fastened overhead. Used only to secure an inflated balloon to the ground, the rope currently had no purpose. Uncoiling the rope, Emil wrapped it several times around PorNart’s body and knotted it securely. Taking the remaining length of rope, Emil looped it under his arms and knotted it in the same fashion.

“Now for the tricky part,” Emil thought grimly. One by one, Emil removed the safety-lock pins from the latches connecting the balloon to the passenger enclosure with all its equipment. Then, he released one latch after another. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! The passenger capsule fell free from the sturdy ropes securing it to the balloon. In a short time, only two ropes remained. Swinging and bucking wildly, the heavy capsule tore free from the last two latches without any help from Emil. SNAP! SNAP!

With the weight of the capsule gone, the balloon climbed rapidly. Charging upward, the balloon flew towards the saw-toothed ridge ahead with two figures dangling below by a single slender rope.

About the Author: MEDIA KIT RJ photo1I am a native of the Great Plains, having grown up on a farm in the Platte River Valley of western Nebraska. I love the wild beauty of the Plains and nearby Rocky Mountains–the too hot, too cold, too empty, too full of life extremes. Typically, the awesomely diverse and the awesomely stark are much the same, even as they are different. Although I have lived in Michigan, North Carolina, and British Columbia, the western plains, mountains, and desert are in my heart.

As my day job, for over thirty years I have been a faculty member and administrator in higher education. Teaching broadly in the liberal arts, including creative writing, in addition to my novels, my professional publications include educational materials, poems, and 28 stories for young readers. I am a member of SCBWI.

As an author, I’m drawn to eccentric, unexpected characters: those who surprise because they hear a distant galaxy, see a different music, create their own fragrance rather than get hooked on a soundtrack; the child who has her own ideas about how the emperor is dressed; the lunatics and rebels who tell stories on the boundaries. I tell unusual stories that take readers to worlds they never imagined—definitely a whole new ride.

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  1. Mary Preston says:

    An amazing cover. It invites further exploration.


  2. Amy Tring says:

    It’s a lovely, unusual cover, but the excerpt sealed the deal for me in terms of adding this to my TBR list. Looks terrific, Rick! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hello, Amy! Glad The Overending caught your interest. When your TBR pile reaches it, I’d love to hear what you think. If you feel inclined, drop me a message at any of the following. Have a great day!

    Twitter: @woodcowbooks

    • Amy Tring says:

      Thanks, Rick. I’m a very slow reader these days (health issues), so it’ll take me a while, but will do. 🙂

  4. Intriguing bio
    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. SHELLEY S says:


    • Thanks! I appreciate your interest!

      The Overending is actually Free today and tomorrow on Amazon. Currently trending #1 in its main category — a good day to check it out!

      Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #113 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

      #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Teen & Young Adult > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery

      #3 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Teen & Young Adult > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Coming of Age

  6. Ashley F. says:

    The cover looks great and it sounds very intresting.

    afasolo23 at hotmail dot com

    • Rick Johnson says:

      Thanks, Ashley! A great day to take a closer look if you are inclined –The Overending is Free today (only) on Amazon. Currently trending #1 in its category.

  7. Rita Wray says:

    Sounds like a fabulous read.

  8. Quilt Lady says:

    Sounds like an interesting read and I love the cover.

  9. This sounds really fun!

  10. Alexiisa N says:

    Enjoyed the excerpt, I think I’ll enjoy this book. Thank you brown_angel 123at) yahoo(dotcom

  11. Alexisa N says:

    Enjoyed the excerpt, I think I’ll enjoy this book. Thank you brown_angel 123at) yahoo(dotcom You’re a new writer for me, I’m looking forward to reading your first book.

  12. Twenty-eight stories for young readers – that’s a lot. Rick, why do you focus on stories for this group?

    I voted for The Overending on the following Goodreads Listopia list:

    Bridges – On the cover, in the title, author’s name or a significant part of the plot.

  13. Alexisa N says:

    Enjoyed the excerpt, I think I’ll enjoy this book. You’re a new writer for me, I’m looking forward to reading your first book. Thank you brown_angel 123at) yahoo(dotcom

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