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Kieran has spent his life living in the shadow of his late older brother. Brody had been the heir his father had loved and wanted, while Kieran was born to a woman his father despised for her betrayal. Kieran has only ever felt the bond of family with his best friend, Ella.

Ella knew one day Kieran would be called on to do his duty to his clan and marry for an alliance. But she never expected his engagement would suddenly force her to see him in such a different way. They’d known each other all their lives, but aside from one exploratory kiss, she had never been attracted to him as a woman is to a man. Until now.

As the time comes for Kieran to marry, he realizes he has feelings he shouldn’t have for the lass who’s been by his side all his life.

When the marriage contract is breached, Kieran hopes it means freedom for them to be together, but instead, it leads to war and a secret that will change their lives forever.

Enjoy an Excerpt

If given a choice between sitting in the hall hearing auld Innes accuse his neighbor of switching out his cow with one that gave less milk or jumping from the seawall to drown in the ocean, Kieran Sinclair might have chosen the latter. But Kieran had not been given many choices in his twenty years.

The son of a laird was first and foremost the heir. Upon his birth, he was destined to one day take over the clan, and as such, he spent every day until that happened in constant preparation for the event.

Even if it was never supposed to be his birthright.

In truth, Kieran was to be the second son. Heir to the heir only. Had things transpired as they should have, Kieran would be free to do what he wanted—or to do nothing at all.

Without the mantle of responsibility weighing heavy on his shoulders, he could have lived a life of his choosing, marrying his heart’s desire. Not that he was interested in marrying and had no heartfelt desires of yet.

Still, he knew one day he would marry a woman that was chosen for him. He would enter into a marriage for the sole purpose of an alliance or in a trade with some other clan.

If only his older brother had lived, it would have been Brody whose destiny was written without his control.

About the Author:

One very early morning, Allison B. Hanson woke up with a conversation going on in her head. It wasn’t so much a dream as being forced awake by her imagination. Unable to go back to sleep, she gave in, went to the computer, and began writing. Years later it still hasn’t stopped.

Allison’s historical romances are filled with kilted heroes. She lives near Hershey, Pennsylvania, and enjoys candy immensely, as well as long motorcycle rides, running and reading.

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