1945 Kansas City, Kansas Winter

By Delores Goodrick Beggs

Overnight, fat icicles appear, precariously hanging down from the low-slanted back roof eaves, some so thick and long they touched the snow-covered ground behind our small Kansas City house.

My little five-year-old sister and I hurried to bundle up and slog through knee-high snow to run our mittened hands over the cold, pebbled inverted cones and marvel at the pebbly whorls patterning each icicle with a design all its own.

Wet snowflakes fell, dusting our coat shoulders white.

When the morning chill burned our fingers through soaked mittens, we turned our attention from the mysterious glassy cones to stomp about and rolled snowballs through the chill knee-high drifts, damp-patting our creations smooth, intent on making crusty snowmen.

Our snowmen built, we paused to store up an ample supply of crystallized snowballs, pile them high beside our squishing rubbers, ammunition to repel spring.

We looked up when wild geese migrated overhead, wild tunes flying whitely through the blue sky.

Our mother called from the doorway of the enclosed porch. We slip and slide up the small hill from the back yard to the front and pause where the milkman had early, before dawn, left new milk bottle sentinels standing at attention, their metal caps slanted, resting askew atop frozen columns of ice-milk rising from the bottle necks, guard change for our two-story wooden ice box indoors.

I traded my mother the bottles of frozen milk for a large empty bowl and spoons, and my sister and I proceeded to the nearest untouched snowbank where we scraped off the crusty and perhaps dusty top layer of snow with a mitten, and then my sister and I hurried to fill our bowl with the soft, clean snow beneath and take it to our mother for her to whip in some milk and a little vanilla extract and make our delicious mid-morning snack of snow ice cream.

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Delores Goodrick Beggs

Place in the Heart Book One: Breaking Point

Place in the Heart Book Two: Substitute Lover, coming Dec. 2012

About the Author: Delores Goodrick Beggs is a prolific, award-winning writer. Her work is influenced by the tolerance of horses for imperfection, the warmth of hounds reaching out, and the caring of heart for all human conditions, packaged in whichever format her inspiration of the moment decrees.

Growing up with a hearing loss, she was always writing because radio and television before closed captions failed to entertain. During her teens she wrote mostly nonfiction, poems and short stories, collecting them over the years in a box she saved one Christmas. Delores wrote the award-winning 1992 book How Can I Talk With You? Compensating Communication, Published by Peak Output Unlimited, Staceyville, Iowa, 50476.

As an adult with a hearing disability, she started her From the Heart western series evenings when she came home after working her day job, writing her own stories in the days before closed captions were added to television shows.


Breaking Point is the first book in her Place in the Heart series, and is available from Desert Breeze Publishing in various formats. Desert Breeze Publishing has contracted the series. Also available from major digital book venues, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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