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Summertime, and the Living is Queasy

Summers tend to be short and hectic here. By mid-July I still don’t have the boat in the water, the garden is turning into a major jungle threatening to hide the house, and I haven’t had the top down on my car in a week or more.

This morning the contractor came to give me his expert opinion on why the basement has water in one of the carpeted spare bedrooms. This afternoon I have an eye exam to see how well my sight is holding up.

And the large demanding cat got me up at 5:15am this morning to inform me he decided he wanted to sit outside in the screened-in porch and watch the world go by.

While doing the walkabout with the contractor I noticed the pump on the fish pond seems close to being completely plugged. This is probably due to all that recent activity in there. I suspect we have two males and one female who have become extremely lively lately. That probably means when I empty the pond in the fall I’m going to have to use a screen and watch out for small fry again. We already have two babysitting tanks inside. Somehow I thought fish would be the answer to keep mosquitos from using the pond as a nursery. I’m still not certain how well that is working.

But I’m a writer, and all this should be grist for my mill, except I’m working on an epic project which has nothing to do with summer. While I crack the 70,000 word mark I keep wondering if my editor is going to scream and throw this back at me. I’m supposed to be finishing off a trilogy with a first draft of book three due by the end of August.

Then too, I should be promoting my latest novel, “We’re Not in Kansas.” A near future sci-fi thriller tale about a mother and daughter way in over their heads, it’s a slight departure from my usual fantasy trilogies or my fantasy detective series. I will be on three writer’s panel discussions in mid-August at When Words Collide. Something else I should do some homework for.

I just looked at my watch which decided as of yesterday to slow down. The magnificent piece of technology has lost ten minutes in the last two hours. Where does time go?

Summers seem to be passing by faster now. I remember, years ago, when we putted across county in a Volkswagen camper. There was the daughter who danced on a wasp’s nest, and also got her finger stuck in a tent pole at a remote campsite just before dusk. That raises the embarrassing memory of the woman who found a lost son in a campground, shortly after she returned a couple of lost daughters.

I think I’ll have my second cup of coffee and stare out the window at the things I should be doing today, while remembering summers.

Kansas CoverArchaeologist and single mother Macy and her teenage daughter Tiffany are off to a dangerous part of the world, on a fool-hardy search for traces of an ancient Egyptian cat-goddess, Bastet. What they find is far more than they bargained for: a dangerous dictator, a mysterious police inspector, and a grizzled Indiana Jones look-alike.

You might say the trip takes them right out of this world. Will they get home alive, or simply disappear into very thin air?
Set in the near future, with a blend of thriller and speculative fiction, and a hint of romance.

About the Author: After winning a Canadian Authors national contest with a ghostly tale, Ron connected with Champagne Books of Alberta to complete “The Dark Lady” high fantasy trilogy, followed by “The Queen’s Pawn” trilogy, and his fantasy detective effort represented by a series of seven novellas: “The Housetrap Chronicles.” His latest novel with Champagne, blending modern with Dark Age, is “Alex in Wanderland.”

Ron recently signed on with a second publisher, eTreasures Publishing of Florida. His first novel there is, “We’re Not in Kansas,” a near future thriller. A what-if trilogy, “The Toltec Series,” is nearing completion with the first book due out shortly.

In his spare time he reviews genre novels for an on-line magazine and is a member of several writing groups.
Ron lives in Winnipeg with his understanding wife and a large demanding cat. On rare occasions he escapes to his sailboat on Lake Winnipeg.

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Buy the book at eTreasures Publishing.

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  1. I agree summers seem to go by so quickly now, never seem to have enough time to enjoy it.

  2. Rita Wray says:

    Summers go by way to fast. But the winter drags on and on.

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