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Summer’s Tiny Guests

This summer gave us the repeat gift of tiny guests on our front porch. A mother hummingbird returned to the nest that we left last year. She reclaimed the top rail of the metal trellis that goes from the brick planter to the roof of the porch.

Last year, she buzzed us any time we stepped onto the porch and even when we were in the front yard. She’s tiny, but armed with maternal instinct. This year, we haven’t been buzzed once, even when we sneaked peaks of the babies. The small fuzzy creatures grow fast. In no time, they were big enough to see without climbing onto the planter. Two little beaks protruded above the nest from twin bookmark heads. They didn’t move when we watched them. Then mid-July one baby disappeared from the nest. When my husband checked on the remaining chick, he was privileged to the maiden flight from the nest to the tree. There, the tiny bird found his twin and they began a raucous game of chase.

I hope they hang around. I’d love to see them drinking from my flowers. Hopefully, next year, the nest will be full again of tiny, round baby birds.


Hummingbirds can flash their bright colors, as well as hide them when needed.

Hummingbirds are very smart and they can remember every flower they have been to, and how long it will take a flower to refill.

Hummingbirds can hear better than humans

Hummingbirds can see farther than humans.

Hummingbirds have little to no sense of smell.

A hummingbird will take about 250 breaths per minute while at rest.

A hummingbird’s metabolism is roughly 100 times that of an elephant.

Hummingbirds have very weak feet and can barely walk. They prefer to fly.

Hummingbirds spend most of their life perching.

The hummingbird’s body temperature is around 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

Females lay a clutch of two eggs.

Baby hummingbirds will remain in a nest for three weeks.

Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly both forward and backwards.

Hummingbirds can also hover in mid-air, fly sideways and even upside-down.

A hummingbird’s wings will rotate in a full circle.

For more facts go to World of Hummingbirds.

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About the Author: A native of Houston, TX, Karen spent her early years enjoying life along the Gulf Coast. After high school, she attended Texas A&M as well as the University of Houston where she obtained a B.S. in early childhood education. She has written numerous articles and stories, books for children and novels for adults. She particularly enjoys writing contemporary and historical romance.

She now lives in the Southwest with her family and assorted pets.

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  1. I love seeing the hummingbirds every year, it drives my husband crazy because of all the sugar I go through to feed them.

  2. Rita Wray says:

    I love hummingbirds. One time I was in my yard and I was wearing a red shirt, the hummingbird was hovering around me. Maybe it thought I was a birdfeeder. lol

  3. I have gone through several 5 lb bags of sugar this summer. My tiny friends are worth it. Thanks for replying.

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