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Baby It’s Cold Inside

Welcome to the fine state of Texas where we’re looking at cracked earth and bone-dry creek beds. Another blazing summer, and a real challenge for poor authors such as Yours Truly. Yes, my air conditioner is struggling to keep up, but what I’m hearing in my head right now is crunching sounds from stepping through crusted snow drifts.

I’m not really in Austin, you see. I’m west of Calgary in the dead of winter, and it’s a train wreck. Literally. I’ve got a sparse flurry of bitterly cold flakes sweeping across tumbled freight cars. There’s steel rails skewed along a hill like frosted pretzels. Sure, such icy mayhem is all in my imagination, but getting this scene nailed down isn’t getting any easier. My ice cream sandwich just melted.

I’m busy writing my next fantasy novel “Storm Child”, a sequel to “Tracks” where rail barons take on a whole new meaning. No, things aren’t going great with the Canadian National (that’s the folks owning the afore-mentioned train) and I can’t say I’m having a rosy time in this heat, either. Writing is as much about environment as it is characters, and right now we’ve a tad bit of, uh, “contrast” between what I have to portray and what’s beating down on my head.

Look, I’ve heard all about suffering for my art, but honestly this isn’t about some masochistic need to mentally stick my head in the snow in the middle of summer. Bad enough that I have to head out for another ice cream. It’s about cause and effect. I’ve a character who needs to head to cooler climes ‘cause of her hot head. Slick rails on a treacherous hill and nature takes its course. A north-bound freight reaches the end of the line way earlier than planned. Again, cause and effect. The things fantasies are made out of – down to earth stuff like this summer heat and my need to ignore it.

So, gentle readers, when you sit back and enjoy those stories about sandy beaches and warm ocean breezes, raise one to the author. He or she was probably freezing their butts off when they wrote that.

Kerry (aka K M Tolan)

tracks (2)Vincent’s sister is swept away by a steam locomotive riding rails that vanish along with her. Ten years later he rediscovers those tracks, and heads down them to bring her back.

About the Author: K M Tolan is a SFF author with Champagne Books. He has published six novels, two of which were finalists in the Epic E-book awards. His other works include the Dancer series, Waiting Weapon, and recently Tracks.

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  1. I shivered thinking about cold and snow when I read your post. Much too soon to think about that. Look forward to reading your book.
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  2. I’ve always wondered about parallels between Texas cattle country and Calgary, come to think of it…

  3. Nice cover

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