Halloween Blogfest: Giselle Renarde

I’m Giselle Renarde, and the ghost story you’re about to read is true.

I was housesitting for a friend who lives here in Toronto, in one of the city’s lovely historic homes. It’s been beautifully renovated. There’s absolutely nothing scary about it, and it’s hardly what you’d call a haunted house. Maybe it’s not haunted… but I still can’t explain what happened to me that night.

It was late when I went to bed–nearly 3 in the morning. I got under the covers of my double bed in the guest room and turned off the light. I fell asleep right away, and I recall dreaming. Maybe it was all a dream. That’s what I keep telling myself, explaining it away.

I awoke with a start when I felt a familiar sensation: one of my cats jumping up on the bed. Then my brain kicked into gear and I realized… I wasn’t in my bed. My cats were back at my apartment. I was housesitting, and there were no cats in this house.

The sensation beside me changed, all at once, from the dainty dance of cat paws to the heavy thud of a human body. I felt the mattress sink at my side. The bedsprings squealed, as though they were under sudden pressure. I just kept telling myself I was dreaming, I was dreaming, I had to be dreaming because this couldn’t possibly be real.

My body froze. I’d been sleeping on my side, and I was facing the edge of the mattress, away from the ghostly sensation. I tried to pry my eyelids open, but I couldn’t do it. I tried to roll over, speak, do anything, but my body locked.

I kept telling myself it was sleep paralysis, a natural phenomenon, an indicator that I’d awoken too quickly and my brain wasn’t ready for my body to take action yet. I kept telling myself it was just a dream, but I could feel that shape beside me. I could feel it sinking into the mattress, right there, behind my back. It was there And I couldn’t move.

Struggling against sleep, against my own locked body, I was finally able to ask, “C’est qui ça? Qu’est-ce qui arrive?” Who’s there? What’s happening? My brain hadn’t woken up enough to speak English.

No answer. Nothing but that feeling of sleeping next to another person, sensing their weight in the bed.

Finally, finally, I drew my eyes open. I was afraid, yes, but I was even more afraid of doing nothing. I rolled in the bed, flopped really, barely able to move, still mired in sleep, and… nothing.

Nothing there, nothing beside me. The white linens glowed blue in the moonlight. No indentations. My ears buzzed and my heart pounded–a visceral response to intense fear. I hadn’t realized, when I was struggling to open my eyes, how incredibly frightened I was. Now it wouldn’t go away.

I flicked on the light and repeated everything I’d already told myself: it was just a dream, all in my mind, sleep paralysis… but my heart wouldn’t stop pounding. I picked up my phone and called my girlfriend, who managed to talk me down. I couldn’t seem to convey how afraid I’d been that something, an unknown something, had been in bed with me. I’d felt it lying there at my side. I think she could hear the panic in my voice, because she didn’t tease me or chastise me for waking her up at 4 in the morning.

When my heart calmed down a bit, I sank my head down on my pillow and closed my eyes, hoping sleep would take me fast and I wouldn’t be awoken by any more strange sensations. And sleep did come, and I was only awoken by sunlight streaming through the window.

But, I tell you, the entire week I spent alone in my friend’s old Toronto home, I slept with the lights on.

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  1. Yikes!

  2. Giselle, thank you for sharing your ghostly experience. I had something different (but similar) happen to me once that left me convinced that there’s something else out there we don’t fully understand.


  3. I’ve never had a paranormal experience, I think that would terrify me!

  4. Nothing quite so freaky… Once, when I was small, I spent the night with my cousins. I slept in the bed between them. In the middle of the night my younger cousin sat up suddenly and turned towards me. Her eyes were still closed but she had the creepiest smile on her face. I still dream about the smile *shudder*

  5. No, I haven’t

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