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What I Did During My Summer Vacation
Shana Galen

When I was a kid, I remember having some great summer vacations. My parents took my sister and me on road trips, where we’d stop just to sample the pie at a local diner or visit a “Wonder Spot,” one of those places where there are curious optical illusions and if I stood in the right spot I was miraculously as tall as my mom.

But as an adult, my summer vacations have been less than stellar. I spend most summers working on my next book and preparing for a fall book release. This summer I’ve been getting ready for the launch book of a new historical series, When You Give a Duke a Diamond. I’m thrilled, except it means little to no vacation time.

Fortunately, this summer my husband attended a work-related conference in none other than Las Vegas. I’m not a big fan of Vegas because I don’t gamble, but he convinced me I could have plenty of uninterrupted writing time while he was attending events. And he also convinced me I needed to take a spa day. He didn’t have to do much convincing. I made an appointment for a massage and planned to spend time in the Turkish baths, reading and relaxing.

The spa was wonderful, and the massage just what I needed. There’s something about retreating to a quiet place, sipping water infused with cucumber, and listening to soft music that leaches all the tension out of my body and allows me to forget about deadlines and laundry and errands.

After the massage, the attendant told me I was welcome to soak in the Turkish baths or to recline on the lounge chairs. I’d brought my bathing suit for just this reason and spent about an hour reading and soaking in the jetted water.

It’s funny how what we find fun when we’re ten changes so much thirty years later. I’d much rather fly now than drive, and if I am driving, I want to reach my destination, not stop every fifty miles. And the best vacations are those where I don’t see anything but the pages of a good book.

What about you? Would you rather go on a trip or spend the day at the spa? Or maybe both, like I did?
About the Author:

Shana Galen is the national best-selling author of fast-paced adventurous Regency historicals. She is a two-time RWA Rita Award finalist and a winner of the coveted RT Reviewer’s Choice KISS Award. A former English teacher in Houston’s inner city, Shana now writes full time. She is happily married and has a daughter. Look for the next book in the Jewels of the Ton series, If You Give a Rake a Ruby, in March 2013. For more information, please visit, or follow her on Twitter, @ShanaGalen, or Facebook


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  1. I love visiting places I’ve never been before. Seeing new places is always fun. I’m not a big fan of Vegas, there are too many people. I’ve never been to a spa, it sounds nice.

  2. I’d rather go on a trip – but I do think it’s much better being able to read on the way. I don’t mind a driving trip, as long as it’s not me doing the driving. 😀 I love stopping to see sights along the way, especially if they’re amusement parks.

  3. I have never been to a spa. I think I Would love to go to one.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  4. Ingeborg, I am not a fan of Vegas, either. My husband loves it. The spas are nice, though. I recommend them!

  5. Barbara, I definitely do a lot of reading en route to locations. You like amusement parks? I didn’t know that about you!

  6. Debby, ask for a spa gift card for you birthday or Christmas. You’ll want to get a package so you can have several services. You deserve a little treat!

  7. Sounds like the vacations we had when I was a child. My step father use to say if we are within 5 hrs, we should investigate the whole area, then we’d move on to another location. We’d cover several states this way. He was one who would get us into places we shouldn’t be When we lived in Hawaii, he decided we should circle Oahu. This was before there was a finished road around the island. He wanted to take a side road and we started down it, got just a little way and 3 Jeeps, 4 4wheelers and lots of men with guns greeted us. LOL>

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  9. I would rather go to trip maybe because i have not go to any SPA before

  10. We went to Disney World, Sea World and the beach this year. All int one trip. I needed a vacation from vacation after all that. We had a blast, but I’m thinking a spa trip sounds so much more relaxing.

  11. Melanie, now why don’t I ever have vacations like that? That’s much more interesting than seeing a deer, at least to a teenager.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  12. I think it really just depends on what you enjoy, Eli. Sometimes I want to go somewhere and see stuff. But right now, at this time in my life, I just want to relax.

  13. Gossupgurl29, I bet you did need a vacation! That was the kids’ vacation. Now you get the spa vacation!

  14. I’m an adventurous person, so I’d go on a trip and come home battered and weary, then go to a spa and relax. Hey, our body needs some pampering right?

  15. Lory, I think that would be the best of both worlds.

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