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A week at Cape May, NJ where I fell in love and reread two books
After a 3 hour drive, we–daughter, grandest granddaughter and I–arrived at the beautiful house within walking distance to the beach. The attractive white haired man, owner of the house, puttered around with a small mower and welcomed us. A flurry of activity as we scrambled for swim suits, beach gear and off to the beach. First the smell of the salt water, then the sound of waves crashing against the shore. A dream come true. Each year we make the trip piling up memories. No longer the big family but it’s okay. Now just three generations of women from me, the designated Granny, to my daughter and now her daughter, age 4 and a half. She’s in charge. Just ask her.

I settled in to reread my two last books, Reconstructing Charlie and the sequel, Sin of Omission, just released. Purpose, you might ask? I wanted to see if they held together and never had time before. Reading glasses in place, I slipped into the stories and time flew. Ah, they work and so well. My babies as I refer to my stories. Daughter called disturbing me to say it was time to leave the beach and go for dinner. The Grill at the ocean had great food and we were hungry.

Showering fast, we headed over and it was there I fell in love. After placing our orders, we wandered next door to look at displays and there he was. I tapped the glass container to indicate a frisky Hermit crab busy climbing up the side. A careful shopper, impulse buying has never been my habit but when I saw Playful—grandest named him—it was love at first sight. We purchased a cage complete with a little shell for fresh water and would you believe he needed another larger crab shell for him to grow into. How cute is that!!!

After a few days of activity Playful grew quiet and one morning we watched as he shed his shell and moved into the new one. Daughter and I cracked up with laughter while grandest cried and cried some more ‘til I finally explained it was similar to outgrowing a pair of shoes or. . . and she stopped crying.

So my love affair is not an erotic tale, but love is where you find it. If a small Hermit crab brings joy, that’s cool. And so is the handsome owner of the beach house who hung around all week mowing grass that didn’t need mowing. Hmm.!/CharJGordon


  1. Aw, how cute, I agree, critters, whether large or small, can be such a joy, and what a lovely way for your granddaughter to learn more about wildlife. Sounds as if there could be another story concerning that attractive man mowing the lawn too…

  2. Oops – sorry, forgot to shed my Author Roast identity – not as savvy as ‘Playful’!

  3. I love the beach!

  4. Great post, that must have been fun watching Playful, crabs are such interesting little creatures.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  5. Cute story, sounds like you had a great time.

  6. Great story. We had those in our house as well. Fun to watch.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  7. I love Cape May. I was only there for just a few days in May for the Horseshoe Crab spawning (or whatever it is they do!). It’s a beautiful place and wish I could have spent more time there. But considering I don’t live too far from that shoreline, I’m wondering why I don’t go back. I will soon.

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

  8. Hi everyone. So delightful to read your comments after a long day of helping said offspring move. And now to relax. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment

  9. Really enjoyed your blog. Crabs are fascinating aren’t they? Sounds crazy to connect with such a creature, but I can relate as I saved a hummingbird last year and totally bonded with the blasted thing. I nursed it half way back to health for 48 before taking it to rehab at Cornell Univ. and she made it. But you’ve left me hanging as far as the guy mowing the lawn. Well, we’re romance writers, right? I can only assume that went well? Wishing you the best.

  10. There is nothing better than a good book (or two), the beach and friends and family. Great post, Charmaine!

  11. charmaine,

    Every hermit crab I ever had has died on me. My heart almost stopped when you said how Playful grew still – I though ought-o this is it – but then he just moved. Much nicer lesson than the one I thought was about to be learned. Also, it’s always nice when you can read, and like, your own books. I know I really enjoyed Sin of Omission

  12. Thanks for stopping by, all of you. I love reading your comments.

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