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Welcome to Eliza Lloyd whose newest book Age of Innocence, was recently released from Ellora’s Cave. Leave a comment for a chance to win a digital copy of the book.


When I mention the word innocence in the context of a romance novel, what is the first thing you think? A virgin probably…but more specifically you are thinking about a female debutante – one who must be protected and coddled and married off to the highest title her dowry and beauty can snag.

Elizabeth Missing Sewell, a woman born in the heart of the Regency, understood this concept well: “Girls are to dwell in quiet homes among few friends, to exercise a noiseless influence.” Doesn’t that just frost you as woman of the modern world? One more comment about this before I get to the real reason I’ve tricked you into reading this far. While Miss Sewell’s comment seems foreign to us, we must take this attitude into consideration when we are writing from a historical vantage.

It wasn’t only the women who had this attitude but all of a girls’ peers, her parents and her tutors.
So what were the standards for young men?

Right now you are asking, “And this author writes erotica?” Well, we’ll get to that…

In general, it bores me to write about virgins but I was intrigued to think about an innocent man about town. A sportsman, well-liked, polite but completely afraid to pursue sexual relationships with women because of one humiliating experience when he was first introduced to sexual congress.

Naturally, I cannot pair my innocent Ferd with a ton virgin, even if Eartha Kitt claims that “innocence is one of the most exciting things in the world.” In an erotica, two virgins trying to figure it out ain’t gonna cut it because they didn’t have Sex for Dummies back in 1830. If anything, guides such as The Gentlemen’s Pocket Book of Etiquette are completely neutral on the subject of sex. It was basically hands off, to the point that “if you are introduced and dance with a lady, the acquaintance ceases with the entertainment.” When the party was over, so was the acquaintance. Wow, how did anyone get sex unless they were married? (Answer: they figured out how.)

Most, if not a very large majority of current romance novels, include an experienced male character but I wanted something different for my Ferd. Aside from a very large population of prostitutes in London during the Regency, there were also a lot of widows. Wouldn’t that be interesting, I thought. The erotica side of my brain (right or left, I’m not sure) went “Oh, yeah.”

So coupling a twice-widowed duchess with an inexperienced younger son of an earl had all of the ingredients an erotica writer dreams about – conflict that is continually resolved in the bedroom.
I like to be as true to the historical period as I can. Yes, I know that we writers use creative license a lot and maybe erotica writers more so. For me, the challenge of writing in the historical genre is using the mores and conventions of the age to my advantage. The fun starts when I can find ways to seamlessly entwine hot sex.

My latest release is titled Age of Innocence. I hope you’ll check it out to see how I’ve handled the experience/innocence question with my mad duchess and her newest boy toy, er, husband.
Oh, and if anyone asks, I do like the term bodice ripper.

7_2 ageofinnocence_msrEliza Lloyd currently has several novels published with Ellora’s Cave in their 19th Century/Legend historical line including several series: Wicked Affairs, Mad Duchesses and Birds of Paradise and a new series, Cold Play, in the Breathless line. Additionally, she has a new series of self-published books titled Body of Knowledge, stories with a lighter edge and cross genre along with a contemporary series Far From Home.

Eliza thinks romance writing is nearly as good as the real thing. Given her choice of professions, she would have preferred to be a 19th century archeologist, but she is perfectly happy living in the 21st century and comfortably writing about such romantic but inconceivably inconvenient times instead. She also writes contemporaries, romantic suspense and the occasional sci-fi when plotting and characterization don’t matter and invisibility does.

Eliza wrote her first romance novel after years of yearning. She finally woke up one day and asked, “Why the heck am I not writing?”

She enjoys traveling, movies, everyone else’s novels and a good meal out with friends on Saturday night. Her greatest flaw is that she believes there is such a thing as true love. Please don’t tell her otherwise.

Buy the book at Age of Innocence or Ellora’s Cave.


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  2. Patricia Perez says:

    I already bought and read this book and it is a winner just like all of Eliza’s other books. I loved it and can’t wait for more.

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