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10 Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Author I Didn’t Know Before

1. Professional help is not optional.

DIY—do it yourself—a great concept, but is it worth it? As you finish your first draft and consider the possibilities to share it with the world, you think about the next step. Conventional or Self-publishing? Either way, you need to get that manuscript ready for an agent or the public. Yes, you might’ve the credentials to DIY; but paying a third party to polish that MS will get an agent to ask for more than ten pages; or the readers to say that was a book worth reading. Presentation, presentation…presentation.

2.Just because it worked for them, it’ll work the same for you.

So here I was, newbie trying to find a way to get my first manuscript ready to be published. Followed the usual steps, editor, formatter, and cover…Where to find them? Recommendations form fellow authors, hired the first without doing my homework and verify that X editor was a good fit, Y formatter would work the way I like and so on. I just made the mistake of hiring what worked for them and barely lived to tell the story of how I banged my head again and again and…you get the idea. Five months later I found the team to fix it. Yes, fixing your mistakes is better than ignoring the big elephant in the room.

Note: Find the team that works for you. Shop around, it’s an investment.

3. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs…

Once that pretty shiny new book of yours hits the cyber shelves, yes the one you’ve been working on for the past—insert time—you’ll spend the same amount of time promoting it. You have now two missions, one promoting and the second, writing your next book…two balls to juggle and you better not drop either one.

4. Blogs, Tours…who knew about them?

Not me. Blogs are your best friends, blogs aren’t a trend that will go away, and they are the places where one gives ones opinion to the cyberworld. There are all types of blogs, including reading blogs. They are the door to your reader, the ones that can share an excerpt of you book and give your future reader a glimpse of what your novel is about. Approach them, approach a tour book company and let the public have a taste of what you can do. So far I’ve encounter amazing people who do nothing but open their doors to my books and share a piece of us—my books and I—with others.

5. Your work isn’t for everyone.

My work is like my child, it’s something I created that comes from the deep dark side of my imagination or another times from the happily one. Either way, I’m giving a huge part of myself while I’m doing it and for the same reason I want everyone to like it. But also, that creation is subjective and as everything in that class I’ll get the ‘I love it and I hate it all’ within one day from different readers. That’s life.

6. Talking about likes, loves and hates…

Reviews are the reflection of the reader, not your work—unless the reviewer says your book is full of typos. Then, that’s all you. Don’t take them personal, if they didn’t like your MC, that doesn’t translate as: I don’t like you. I appreciate each person that has left me a review, good or bad, it reflects that they took their time to read my book.

7. There’s a life outside the computer

Personally, I like to obsess to a point of forgetting there’s another life. At the beginning, there were weekends when I sat in front of my computer for more than twelve hours. Between tweeting, facebooking, writing and researching; there’s no time to have a life. Wrong, there is and you need to get out there. Family exists and you should set your own pace, your deadlines and as everything accept there’s more to life than what you love to do—for me it is writing.

8. Reminders are your friends

As I get wrapped up about my character’s lives, time flies and I forget to do my day job, go to doctors’ appointments or leave on time to pick up my children from school. Post-its work, but maybe setting an alarm on your phone that will ring when needed might be the best.

9. Don’t forget why you started it.

I did because it’s a way to express myself, to have fun typing all those daydreams that since I was little lingered around my head. Either it was the dream of being an alien, a fairy, a witch—I could, I was born on October 30th—fix world hunger or something in between. It’s a job, but the job you love, celebrate each milestone, each sale and love each new word you type too.

10. There’s always something new to learn.

We don’t have all the knowledge and we should always be open to learn a new trick. Writing is also a learning process about the world or ourselves. Never be stagnant and be open for the next stage.

5_15 GettingBy_EbookWhen Emma Anderson arrived at San Francisco International Airport, she regretted accepting the distinction of being the maid of honor to Gaby’s—her childhood friend—wedding. It had been years since the last time she set foot in Menlo Park, where her parents had been killed. The rug where she had been shoving her feelings since that day looked bumpier than a camel’s hump. Who could blame her; if she hadn’t been selfish they’d still be around. Ever since that fateful day, Emma has been perfecting the knack of Getting By.

Cade’s wedding in Menlo Park—a city close to San Francisco—might be the perfect place for Jake Knight to shake the memories of his ex, Emma Anderson for good. Single, available women galore for an entire week was the perfect medication, one he intended to take three times a day for an entire week to return to his player days. It was a plan the former spy thought flawless until he came face to face with the maid of honor. Jake’s perfect retreat turns into a flight, fight or hide week of celebrations.

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This is the first book in the 4 book series. The second book will be released later this year.

About the Author: 5_15 claudio burgoaClaudia lives in Colorado with her family and three dogs. While managing life, she works as a CFO at a small IT Company. She’s a dreamer who enjoys music, laughter and a good story. Claudia writes romance, sci-fi, and fantasy. She has published two novels: Where Life Takes You and Getting By. Claudia is currently working on Standing By, the second book in the Knight series. For 2014, Claudia plans to released three, perhaps four novels.

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