Worth The Weight by Lauren Alsten

Worth The Weight by Lauren Alsten
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Qyra plus Quarantine equals heaping helpings of nothing to do, nowhere to go, and zero dating life — until her long-lost college crush Josh shows up in the checkout lane of her hometown grocery store.

When he learns she just opened her dream catering business, the hot techno whiz-slash-fitness guru offers to help her fix her nightmare of a website.

Menus and meat thermometers aren’t the only things popping up when they both test negative for the nasty pandemic virus and their virtual dating turns IRL. Sizzling sex with a bulked up boytoy is great but keeping her emotions socially distanced is harder than she thought it would be.

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Qyra might be trying to grocery shop during her quarantine but when she bumps into Josh in the check-out line things go downhill fast. Qyra and Josh had known each other off and on through college and while Josh is ecstatic to have the chance to try again, Qyra isn’t really sure if she’s ready to risk her health – or her heart.

This is a fun and humorous modern story complete with pandemic, grocery shopping from hell and people trying to navigate their way through a vastly different set of social rules. Covid Cozies (a Tumblr style dating app that made me laugh like a loon) and getting tested repeatedly is all on the table and yet somehow the author manages to make it both sensitive and hilarious.

I was a bit disappointed in how cliched, therefore, Qyra and Josh’s misunderstanding was back in uni. While I understand in the heat of the moment Qyra decided to sever ties with Josh I could see from a mile away the very normal sort of misunderstanding that had been created and it really disappointed me that she allowed it to keep them apart for years, instead of actually communicating with Josh and getting him to explain what the truth was about his situation. Had I not already been invested in Qyra and enjoying the author’s style of writing it’s possible I would have stopped reading the story here, which would have been a pity as the rest of the story really shone.

I loved that Qyra was a believable and realistic heroine – addicted to carbs during her monthly PMSing and feisty as anything. I loved that Josh was a really good guy and so very clearly interested in Qyra and reconnecting with her. The plot of the two of them reconnecting – Josh helping Qyra with learning to Zoom and updating her work website while they get to know each other again – is quite standard but I really enjoyed how the author peppered it with so many details of the current circumstances to make it really fresh and relatable to read about.

While there were a lot of laughs and plenty of steamy chemistry I could really see the reality in the world’s current situation making this a very “normal” sort of story going into the future. It was sweet and funny and while this time last year I’d have been pretty perplexed by all the pandemic aspects to the story it really resonated with what the world has been like these last nine months or so.

Readers looking for a fun, humorous and very current style of story should find this a good read.

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