Wolf In Heat by Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino

Wolf In Heat by Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

What male would be interested in a vegan werewolf?

Heather resigned herself to life without a mate. She’s always been a freak, unable to fit into either the human or shifter world. When her broken family joins a new pack, she’s suspicious and reluctant to accept her new fate. When David starts showing interest in her, it’s hard for her to believe his feelings are genuine. She tries to give him the cold shoulder … until she goes into heat.

David strikes out time and time again with Heather. The new female in their pack refuses to acknowledge they are meant to be together. He’s not one to give up hope, determined to win over the curvy vegan wolf at any cost. When the mating heat takes hold of Heather, he’s the only one who can satisfy her. He’s ready to give her exactly what she craves, but he wants more than just her body.

When Heather runs into danger, will she accept David’s help or sacrifice her own life?

It hadn’t been that long ago Heather lost her parents and even though she was grateful she, her sister and Uncle had been accepted into Caleb and Bethany’s pack it didn’t ease her sense of loss and loneliness much. Heather hated change and the new pack, new home, new surroundings had pushed her as far as she could bear. Accepting David might be her mate was not an option Heather was willing to give time or thought to. Only now she feels she might be entering her heat phase and the full moon is drawing close. Can Heather and David find a way to make this work?

I found this to be a very emotional and highly sexual story. Readers looking for an intense and character driven story should find this really appealing. For the first part of the book, I was at times a little confused with Heather, who really seemed to blow hot and cold to me. I felt a deep empathy for David trying to work out where he stood with Heather. At first he went slow, trying to get to know this shy and timid woman, but then when the heat hit her Heather became this sex-starved she-wolf, but who then once again turned timid and tried to push David away when the heat passed. I thought he clearly showed his love and compassion for her and (particularly at the start of the book) I felt Heather acted a little bit unreasonably toward him. The authors did a good job of explaining what Heather’s feelings were and how/why she was so confused and changeable, but for the first part of the book I struggled to like or connect with her. Pushing someone away while knowing you were mated to them just because you were confused felt pretty silly and childish to me.

I was pretty relieved when Heather finally got her head screwed on right and accepted she was bonded with David. I could appreciate the fact that even though she was scared, she had made her decisions and stuck with it and tried to hold up her end of the relationship and not simply run, avoid or stick her head in the sand about it all.

After this the story moved a lot smoother and better to my mind. There was also a fairly interesting sub-plot revolving around some bear shifters and a rogue. I can totally understand why the authors made this subplot secondary to Heather and David – this is a steamy erotic romance and they’re the main mating pair, but I was pretty pleased that the werebear and other shifters subplot wasn’t just half-baked or added in as a sort of side note. I felt that got plenty of time and was a solid addition to the story. While not overly gory or descriptive there are some captive animals and blood-sport style of humans in the plotline that might not suit the taste of all readers wanting a more romantic/erotic style of story and less intensity to the non-romantic aspects of the plotline.

With a solid cast of interesting and varied secondary characters, a decent plot revolving outside shifters and others around the pack and a steamy mating relationship growing between Heather and David this is a good and solid story that I feel most readers should find something to enjoy within it.

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