Wild Blood by Anne Logston

Wild Blood by Anne Logston
Shadow Series Book 7
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (188 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Chyrie’s children, Ria and Val, have never known their mother or each other.

An elf among humans, Ria dreads her arranged marriage to Lord Sharl’s son and longs for the forest and kinfolk she has never known.

A half-human among elves who remember humans with hatred and fear, Val resents his mixed blood and waits for the one person who can understand him—his sister.

Elven clan leader Rowan, who dreams of uniting the elven clans for good, and Lord Sharl, determined to rebuild his shattered city, have plans for Ria and Val, never suspecting that Chyrie’s children have plans of their own…

During the unsettled times of the war with the barbarians, Chyrie, an elf of the Wilding Clan, is assaulted by the enemy and as a result gives birth to twins, half-human – half elf. Valaan, the boy twin, is given to the elves to rear and Rea, the girl, to the human Lord of Allanmere. Chyrie hopes this will indicate humans and elves can thrive and dwell as peaceful neighbors.

When Rea is sixteen. She decides it’s time she met her brother and goes all out to make this happen. Her brother Valaan has passed his passage trials and become a man. He longs to meet his sister and when the humans return to Allanmere he goes in search of her.

Rea is mischievous, more child than teenager, and is obviously of elven descent. Attempts to tame Rea result in is amusing situations, but even she is sobered by the news she is to marry Cyril.

The problems of elves, humans and the young people the future hangs on, is at times serious at others amusing. The latter is usually when Rea is involved. She spends her life trying to avoid authority and do what she wants. Valaan is a sober, thoughtful man, but both twins feel the bond grow stronger as the humans come closer to the elves forest.

I found this book intriguing. The twins want to be together and Rea longs to know about the elves. They are not aware of the plots of their elders and rebel when they find out. At times the story dragged a bit, but soon cracked back into top gear again.

Magic, adventure, fighting, all sorts of danger – all these meld together to make a good fantasy book.

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