Wicked Truth by Raisa Greywood

Wicked Truth by Raisa Greywood
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (250 pgs)
Other: Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Spanking, M/F
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Magic doesn’t exist. I used to believe, but it was the wistful imagining of a child.

When the Duke of Denforth makes me his duchess, he shows me wonders beyond any fantasy. Instead of one husband, I’m blessed with three – the duke, and my guardians, Moses and Liam. Our scandalous passion cannot be denied as magic heats between us.

When I’m taken from my husbands, I must learn to embrace the power inside me. It terrifies me, but too much is at stake to give in to my fear.
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Lily Archer’s magic is familiar and alien all at once. She’s much more than she seems, and we can’t wait to explore her secrets. She offers power beyond imagining, yet it’s nothing compared to the joy she brings to our lives.

She even manages to charm a dragon.

But there are those who would use our wife for their own ends and steal her from us.

I am Myrddin, and we will topple a kingdom to get her back.

Lily is being forced into a marriage to a man she doesn’t like, by a mother who doesn’t believe her daughter is telling the truth. In a world where the shackles can hold you dearly, Lily holds her head high and does the best she can. She is no weeping willow, instead she has a spine of steel. This is a good thing, as she will need all the strength she has… and more.

This is a brilliant story that makes me wish I had read book one first – not because I think I have missed out on anything, but simply because I enjoyed this one so much. The characters are all fully-developed, and I loved how they were there for each other throughout. The world was easy to visualise, and yet magical at the same time. The pacing of this story was smooth, speeding up where necessary and still giving you time to process what you had read.

The ending of this book takes you to modern times, which was a pleasant surprise. I loved the ending and how it opens the next book. Still, I don’t know if I’ve quite finished with Lily, ‘Michael’, Moses, and Liam. This book is definitely one to keep, re-read, and enjoy all over again. Definitely recommended by me.

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