Wanton Words by Layla Chase

Wanton Words by Layla Chase
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (65 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

A corporate retreat provides laid-back Tadeo Xalvador with the opportunity he’s been waiting for—close quarters with co-worker Kit Emelin. She’s brushed him off in the past, but he’s banking on her brusque manner having less to do with the professional competition between divisions…and everything to do with avoiding the attraction sizzling between them.

Her type A personality drives Kit to view the forest retreat as another place to display her leadership skills. Nowhere in her plans does she allow for a board game of wanton words with the sexy wonder boy of sales. She clings to her rule against dating a colleague. But when coyotes drive them into an empty cabin, adrenaline and lust lead to unquenchable passion she can’t deny.

Kit and Tadeo are both on a company retreat. There’s plenty of chemistry between them Kit can’t deny – but she has a personal rule against dating someone from the same company. But Tadeo is determined to bring them together and won’t be dissuaded.

This is a fun, deliciously spicy story that I greatly enjoyed. Naughty Scrabble, plenty of double entendres and a hero determined to seduce his heroine – what more could a reader ask for? The chemistry between Kit and Tadeo is pretty intense from the start, and it was delightful to see them explore that. As this is quite a short story they jump into it fairly early on – and the sex is scorching hot. I liked how it wasn’t a casual thing, especially for Tadeo. Tadeo – to my mind at least – is the kind of character where it would have been very easy for the author to make him some sort of Lothario – a playboy style of character. But he’d thought seriously about Kit and how he wanted to seduce her and I really enjoyed the care of thought he’d put into it. It made me really love his character and helped me see that this wasn’t some random, casual fling for him.

I enjoyed the fast pace of the story and found many of the descriptions of the retreat’s location really lush and wonderful. I was a little disappointed that the only real conflict in the story was Kit’s own, personal worries – baggage from an ex-lover and worry about hooking up with a co-worker. These concerns while completely understandable made Kit feel less like a strong, modern woman to my mind, particularly as Tadeo had been nothing but sensual, appreciative and supportive.

Overall I really enjoyed this story – the sex between Tadeo and Kit was delicious and graphic, the fun team-building games and other retreat aspects of the story were fun and a good, lighthearted counterpart to the serious, spicy relationship between Tadeo and Kit. A short, quick read that is sure to leave you with a smile.

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