Vincent – Part One by Sarah Masters

Vincent – Part One by Sarah Masters
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (44 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal sex, Mild BDSM
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Cactus

Vincent has missed Julian for two years, but now The Master is on his way back…

After an altercation with Vincent, Julian leaves the ton as captain of Le Frai de Démon, trading his wares in foreign parts. Two years pass, two years of Vincent abstaining from sex and mourning the loss of his love.
Once a month, men gather in Devil’s Spawn, Julian’s club, and though Vincent doesn’t partake in sexual contact, he visits the club as a way to bring Julian closer despite his absence.

One night, Vincent’s life is turned upside down with the return of Julian. Though his heart tells him to open up and allow Julian in, his pride rears its stubborn head. Will Julian be able to break down the barriers? And will Vincent find out why Julian is really called The Master?

Sometimes a second chance is scarier than the first. Vincent has been waiting two long years for the love of his life to return from the sea. All that time Vincent has stayed true to Julian, even though he knows Julian has been with other men. However, nothing can dampen their feelings for each other – not time, distance, or other men. When Julian’s ship docks in the town once again, Vincent is torn between clinging to his hurt and wanting whatever he can get from Julian.

Vincent: Part One is the first in a five part series of short stories. I was pretty sure I’d read this years ago and when I saw it re-released with TEB, I wanted to read it again. Mostly I remembered it being smoking hot and I’m happy to say it certainly is! The story is just an introduction and rather short at that but it manages rather skillfully to give background on the two main characters while offering quite a bit of tension, both sexual and emotional, within the short pages. Vincent is an excellent narrator and almost immediately I could get into his head and feel his emotions. He feels surprisingly three-dimensional given the restraints of the short story. Yet I felt for the character, his hurt, and his love. I wanted to see the two men together and was drawn into their love affair, something that rarely happens for me in a short story.

Additionally the story is incredibly hot. The chemistry between Vincent and Julian leaps off the page from the moment they’re together and continues to build and build, far beyond the obvious climax. The BDSM nature of the story is definitely a component – Julian is called the master after all – but it’s subtle in this first book. I expect it’ll play a more prominent role in the series but the first book is extremely mild. Just a few hits with a crop and some ass play with a wooden phallus. But it does set up the dynamic between the two men. I am intrigued to see where the series go but I especially appreciated that Vincent is not a doormat. He’s a strong willed man that loves Julian whole heartedly but makes Julian work for his forgiveness, master or no.

I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this on even a second reading. It’s clever and articulate and manages to offer a compelling emotional relationship alongside a combustible sexual one and all within the space of thirty pages or so. I’ve read full novels that don’t manage to do that so for that alone I’d recommend this short. And it’s free right now! But beyond those arguments, I found this short historical story to be engaging, wholly entertaining and smoking hot. It’s only a small time investment and hopefully readers will enjoy it as much as I did.

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