Valentine’s Date by Amabel Daniels

Valentine’s Date by Amabel Daniels
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (45 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Chauffeuring New York’s rich elite isn’t Roman Malcolm’s dream job, but one client, Zoe Crispin, is his dream girl. Too bad she’s engaged to Aiden, a world-class jerk who doesn’t appreciate her.

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Roman makes his first mistake in assuming that an engaged couple would be dining together on a date. When he and Zoe learn Aiden intends for a different woman to be his Valentine, Roman refuses to make another mistake and let Zoe go without confessing his love first.

Roman hated his job, but to be honest being a chauffeur was boring most of the time. Except for when he was driving Zoe around. Even though the gorgeous brunette had no idea of how deeply he loved her, Roman had to continually remind himself she was a client and thus off limits. And then one Valentine’s day everything changes.

This is an enjoyable short story with two modern, interesting and relatable characters. I have to admit that found the plotline surrounding Zoe, her fiancé and Roman very predictable. It was still quite enjoyable – but there wasn’t really anything different about that aspect of the story. What I did really enjoy was Roman’s clear and deep infatuation with Zoe. They really seemed to connect and be friends – not just attracted to each other – and watching them both try to come together and change the dynamics of their friendship and relationship was really interesting and kept me reading along happily.

Even though Zoe and Roman take their time to come together, when they finally are intimate it’s a lovely, sizzling sex scene. Readers who prefer a sweeter romance might find this a little too spicy for them – but I personally found the scene to be tastefully and well written. The sex is graphically written but not kinky or unconventional. More importantly in my opinion, both Zoe and Roman were both finally on the same page in their attraction to each other and this scene felt to me like the modern consummation of that fact.

I enjoyed both Zoe and Roman’s characters and while there wasn’t anything too unique in the plot or their circumstances I found this a lovely way to spend a lazy afternoon. Readers who enjoy a spicy and emotional story should find this quick read suits their purposes.

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