Three Men and a Woman: Evangeline by Rachel Billings

Three Men and a Woman: Evangeline by Rachel Billings
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (240 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, M/F/M/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Voyeurism
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Review by Peppermint

At age six, Evangeline “Evvie” Charles falls in love with three boys. They’re seven—Briggs Henriksen, Giovanni Diorio, and Chase Gregory. They befriend her and give her the only real family she’s ever known. At twenty-one, on a night of grief and loss, she meets each of them at her door. One at a time, she gives them the comfort of her body.

Now it’s eight years since she’s seen them. Over the course of a long weekend, she runs into them, those men who saved her, who she’s loved forever. Finding a certain destiny about it, she spends one night of wild passion in each man’s arms.

One night isn’t enough for any of the men. They find her and discover her secret—a seven-year-old girl who surely belongs to one of them. The men all want Evvie, and they all want Maisy, too. Evvie could never choose—she loves them all. The only solution is to share their love.

Evvie grew up with almost a hero worship towards Chase, Gio, and Briggs, so it seemed only natural that this escalated into a sexual attraction eventually, and made for a intriguing read.

Evangeline (Evvie) was a character that sometimes I found endearing and other I found to be too much of a push over. She did not have the best of upbringings as a child; in fact, the girl couldn’t even read until she met her three knights in shining armor. This background made me immediately sympathize with her, and hope that she could find happiness in her life. While I can understand why this would lead to an infatuation, I really wished she would just stick up for herself, especially in the bedroom.  It seemed like she would willingly do anything they asked, and while it did pleasure her, at times I felt like she was submitting just to make them happy. This is something I struggled with as a reader, because while all of the men had no problem with putting demands onto Evvie, she never seemed to ask for anything for herself. In fact, the few things she did want she seemed to either manipulate the men into giving it to her, or just concede to the men in her life. In the end, I did see Evvie start to coming to herself a little more, and even put her foot down at times, I would have liked to see it a bit more earlier in the story.

Collectively Briggs, Gio and Chase truly entertained me. I think the author had a kinship to Briggs as he seemed to be center stage the first half of the story, and ever the voice of reason when one was needed. Chase, on the other hand, was pushy and demanding at times, but the other guys where always around to rein him in. Gio is the most laidback, down to earth of the three. While he can be determined, it was always done in such a friendly way you just couldn’t argue with him. The three of them really created the perfect man, and I could easily see why Evvie could not help but to fall in bed with them again, and again.

The erotica in this story is on steroids. It is a driving factor behind the relationship development, and plays center stage throughout the entire story. While I really appreciated this at first, after a while it got almost tedious. The men always found a new way to please Evvie, but sometimes I just wanted more story without the characters falling into bed one way or another. I can say, that I enjoyed seeing each man’s personality in the bedroom, as they all were very different, which was something I could truly appreciate.

I love the incorporation of Maisy in the story, and would love to have seen more of her. I think Maisy added a certain level of maturity to the story in all of the characters, and really helped solidity the bond between everyone. I also got to see a different side of Evvie when Maisy was around, which was refreshing because she really seemed to really shine during these scenes.

All in all it was an entertaining story. Anyone in the need for some hot male loving will not be disappointed in this story.


  1. This sounds like a very sexy story! I am curious though, is it just the men sharing Evvie or do they share each other as well?
    I can understand wanting a little more story and a little less sex, especially with so many characters. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Peppermint.

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