Thimble Down by Pete Prown

Thimble Down by Pete Prown
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery, YA
Length: Full Length (373 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 10+
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

THIMBLE DOWN is a country village where death and malice lurk the quiet lanes. When the vile, drunken Bing Rumple acquires a gem-laden treasure, violence begins to follow him everywhere. Where did Bing find such a precious jewel, and worse, is someone willing to kill to possess it? In this fast-paced adventure, the village bookmaster, Mr. Dorro, and his young companions Wyll Underfoot and Cheeryup Tunbridge are in a desperate race to find the answer—before death comes to Thimble Down.

Thimble Down is a country village where halflings live. It has a good and bad side of town, just like most real cities do. And Bing Rumple lives on the bad side. When he comes back with tales about fighting goblins with elves and being rewarded with a beautiful jewel, many think the drunken braggart may be lying. When he’s found with an elven knife in his back, everyone thinks the elves are to blame. But are they?

Author Prown is a journalist, magazine editor and plays a guitar. He must have heard this magical story in the music rising from his fingers. This is a very good fantasy with enjoyable characters. The story moves fluently. There is humor, greed, spite, and a bit of hatred as well as love in the story.

Mr. Dorro is the village bookmaster and he has helped solve a case or two before, so he takes an interest in the current murder. He has just acquired an apprentice named Wyll and he’s prepared to do a complete investigation. He doesn’t think an elf put that knife in Bing’s back; why leave it there if it was?

There’s lots of action. Wyll ends up in jail twice, Mr. Dorro meets the elves and finds they are reasonable people even if they want their jewel back. The sheriff almost dies trying to protect the village and find a killer. The Mayor is corrupt. I didn’t know for sure who was behind the killing until the author explained it.

This is a well-written busy book that will hold your attention and make you wish you were there to meet the elves and maybe share a mug of cider with the villagers. It’s written for young teens but this older reader enjoyed it a lot, too. It’s going in my personal library. I’d be happy to read another adventure with Mr. Dorro. He’s a good detective!


  1. Loved reading your review of Thimble Down. Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts on the book.


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