The Shadowheart Curse by Karilyn Bentley

The Shadowheart Curse by Karilyn Bentley
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Contemporary
Length: Full length (192 pages)
Heat Rating: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

Escaping New York after a client’s untimely death, medium Adrianna Sinclair flees to her family property in Italy. All she wants is to avoid ghosts, but an attractive one tempts her in ways she never knew possible.

Luca Fausto has been trapped on the Romani property for over a century for a crime he didn’t commit. Adrianna may be the answer to breaking the curse that keeps him bound.

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Adrianna has an interesting job: psychic medium, and moves from New York City to Italy after a traumatic experience, a mystery for readers. In Italy, a mill was found on Adrianna’s family’s property and turned into a bed and breakfast, and it is haunted by two very different “ghosts.”

Luca is a very attractive man from the year 1910 who is cursed into a ghost-like body. His brother Marco is scary and is trapped with him. Together, they lead a fascinating “life.” Little mysteries keep appearing and add interest to the story.

Luca is in a tricky position, and this is cleverly written. Luckily, Adrianna has the power to help him. Can he win her over? They grow closer through a series of unusual dates with remarkable backdrops. But how could they possibly have a future together? Readers will be left wondering and maybe slightly sad for their situation.

Luca must discover his brother’s dark plans to harm Adrianna, must find out his secrets before it’s too late. The danger escalates, creating great tension. We discover that Adrianna has other gifts, and it’s fun reading about her using them.

Adrianna asks Luca a difficult question, one he cannot take lightly. Turns like this in the story add excitement to an already entertaining tale and give it depth as well.

This is a gratifying paranormal romance that is sure to please readers of the genre with its lovable characters, creative situation, and interesting setting.

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