The Rising Place by David Armstrong

The Rising Place by David Armstrong
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical, Suspense/Mystery
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

If you found a box of letters written during World War II-would you read them? And what if you did and discovered an amazing story about unrequited love, betrayal, and murder in a small southern town? A young lawyer meets Emily Hodge, a 75-year-old spinster shunned by her hometown society, and can’t understand why she lives such a solitary and seemingly forgotten life. But the letters she leaves for him reveal how her choices caused her to be ostracized-but definitely not forgotten by those who loved her.

Told in the form of letters read decades after the main events, the story unfolds with a sense of mystery. Why would the woman, Emily, who wrote these letters be so isolated in her old age? A lawyer reads them to try to understand.
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The letters take us back to the WWII era, in the South. With little details, the writer paints a good picture of that world and its troubles. The protagonist falls for a man, Harry, who is one quarter African-American. He is called to duty, flying a plane in the war, and she stays behind, pregnant. Society ostracizes this unmarried woman.

Readers will be moved by what Emily, her friends, and the African-American community experience. Emily’s best friend, Wilma, is African-American, and the ignoramuses of their town give Emily grief for this as well.

Things escalate, and an innocent man is murdered. Emily wants to get involved, but her family warns her of the grave danger involved in doing so. However, Emily is driven to stand up for injustice and goes to a meeting with the oppressed people of her town. Things get worse from that point, and Emily must deal with the aftermath.

The main and the secondary characters play their important role in bringing to life a tragic story in its given setting. It is a realistic accounting of a time and place, filled with powerful feelings while inspiring similar feelings in readers with its important message.

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