The Perfect Gift by Raven McAllan

The Perfect Gift by Raven McAllan
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance, Historical
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

My lord. Let the battle commence.

You wish to play games?

So do I.

But be warned, you may be the overall winner of the battle, but I, my lord, well, I will win the skirmishes.

Are you ready?
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He thought at first there was no signature, but then he saw inscribed in tiny letters at the foot of the page—

I am not, my lord, your obedient servant. I am, however, your willing partner. In all manner.


Judith knew Stephen had extreme tastes. Tastes he thought not suitable for one so innocent as her.

However she had other ideas. How could he know, how could she know, if he didn’t share them?

Stephen knows his sister has a hidden motive for changing her house party at the last minute to be held at his place – their family estate – rather than her own perfectly suitable marital home, but Stephen can’t fathom what his sister’s reasonings might be. Even when Stephen starts to suspect what his sister’s machinations might be, he still refuses to indulge in his more secret desires with the innocent and sweet Judith. Eleven years his junior Stephen struggles to express his needs to far more worldly paramours, yet when Judith shows every indication of not only welcoming but wanting those harder desires but reveling in them as well, Stephen can’t turn away this perfect gift.

This is a racy and explicitly spicy historical romance story. While the first half of the book is mainly setting up the scene between Stephen and Judith, I really did enjoy the slower pace to get them together. It helped feel that the lightly kinky BDSM desires they each harbored were not just added into the story for extra heat but was something they each truly desired and – true to the historical setting – each feared somewhat to express even in privacy between each other. While light dalliances might have been fairly common in those days gossip was rife and each could have been thoroughly ruined had their true desires been exposed. I felt this aspect of the plot was really well handled – though readers wanting a faster paced story or something a little less realistic and more bedroom-based might find it a bit too slow for their tastes.

Once Stephen and Judith do hit the sheets, however, things move between them at a very fast – and fiery – pace. Readers should be aware while the main physical relationship is between Stephen and Judith, a female maid is sometimes a third in a quasi-ménage style of situation during much of their play. With some seriously sexy scenes – spanking, restraints and a few BDSM kinks – and an exceptionally fast-paced second half of the story this was a great and quick historical read. I also enjoyed the epilogue which hinted at a following book revolving around one of the other characters that I’d be interested to keep an eye out for. Recommended.

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