The Needy Boy by Sean Michael

The Needy Boy by Sean Michael
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length Full length (225 pages)
Other: M/M, BDSM, Fetish (corset wearing), Anal Play, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

An old high school sweetheart might be just the man for a needy sub.

Busy bakery owner and Dom Jack has neglected romance to build his business, but he’s ready to find his special man. He agrees to go on a blind date set up by his friend Tide. Imagine his surprise when he comes face-to-face with the boy he loved as a teenager.

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Both Jack and Peter have changed in the past decade, but they’ve only become more compatible, with preferences that complement each other perfectly and chemistry that flares back to life with a speed that amazes them. But Peter fears he’ll drive Jack away as he has so many others, and Jack will have to work hard to earn Peter’s trust.

For a while now Jack has been focused on building up his business and while he has no regrets, he privately can admit to feeling a little lonely. Still, he’s surprised when he says yes and allows his friend, Tide, set up a blind date for Jack with a guy – Peter – who is a friend of Tide’s partner Lance. Both Jack and Peter are shocked when they both get to the restaurant – they dated back in high school and had only broken up because their lives were moving on different paths. Excited to be back in each other’s lives, Jack and Peter are eager to explore the men they’ve both become and see if an old flame can be reignited.

I found this to be a delicious and somewhat sweet full length story. I really loved how realistic the BDSM aspects to both Jack and Peter’s personalities and needs were shown throughout this story. I thought the slow, gradual way they opened to each other helped set a good (and more importantly, realistic) pace to their romance. It didn’t bother me that they were happy to jump into the more intimate side of their relationship early because they’d known each other through high school and that trust and friendship was still present. I thought it added a lot of interest that neither man was the somewhat sweeter and more innocent kid they’d been so that re-learning of each other added to the plot in my opinion. Their more adult tastes and desires – like Peter’s need in the bedroom, or his enjoyment of wearing corsets, or Jack’s hunger to be Dominant – took more time to both explore and for each man to open to the other about. I really enjoyed this realism, but also found it made the pace of the story itself work really well for me. It made me really connect with both men’s characters, but also added a deeper layer of emotion and vulnerability which I enjoyed almost as much as the kink and sexual aspects of the story.

I also really enjoyed how, while much of the story revolved around the sexual and intimate actions between Jack and Peter, there were plenty more “real life” scenes to the story. Jack baking up a childhood treat for himself and Peter, or the two men meeting each other’s dogs – normal, relatable, “easy” scenes that showed me what each man’s character was life outside the bedroom. I found this so refreshing for an intensely erotic story – but also loved seeing that the two men were building a solid, stable relationship which I could so easily identify with. I strongly feel readers who even usually don’t enjoy kinkier stories or elements of BDSM could genuinely enjoy much of this story and would recommend it for readers unsure whether they want to dip a toe into this style of story.

The sex was deliciously explicit and also fairly kinky. While I personally didn’t feel there was anything too hardcore or pushing the envelope it was most certainly flavoured by the BDSM scene. Peter has a number of piercings and enjoys the sensation of being “held” that wearing a corset under his clothes gives him. There’s also plenty of toys and a few scenes of spanking – but I personally felt the clear love and chemistry between the two men lent each of the sex scenes an air more of intimacy and erotic playing – rather than something darker or edgier that BDSM lifestyle stories often portray.

A well rounded, deliciously sexy but still sweetly relatable story – I loved this book. I thoroughly enjoyed Jack and Peter’s characters and firmly believe in both their romance, relationship and compatibility as partners. An excellent story I shall enjoy reading a number of times in the future.

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