The Meerkat Murders by R.J. Corgan

The Meerkat Murders by R.J. Corgan
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Suspense/Mystery, Adventure/Action, Contemporary
Length: Short story (96 pages)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

After an old friend calls in a favor, geologist Kea Wright joins a team of biologists studying meerkats in the Kalahari.

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Kea is on an expedition with two close friends, trying to mentally and emotionally recover from another expedition the previous year that had gone horribly wrong. Determined to put the past behind her and get her life back on track, she is struggling but determined to make it work. Only Kea has been called in to help keep this African project safe from people with no qualms about using violence to get exactly what they want.

I found this to be a really interesting story, filled with realism and excellent descriptions that proved to me the author had not only done his research, but also experienced much of the African landscape and settings detailed within the story. I was impressed how this story was woven together, with descriptions and details that really made me feel present – but not so heavily over-the-top to slow the plot or action down. It’s a delicate balance that isn’t easy to achieve and I feel the author managed this really well. While there aren’t an enormous number of characters, I felt there were enough of them – and very well drawn and defined – to make the story interesting and kept my attention throughout.

While it’s clear there is a previous story featuring Kea, I was equally relieved and pleased that the author gave enough history so the reader could pick this story up fresh and understand what Kea was trying to recover from without being beaten over the head with the previous story itself. I felt like I got enough details on Kea and her situation to get a good feel for the character without feeling like I was missing out and that helped this story feel stand-alone.

I feel this story will particularly appeal to readers who enjoy adventure and archaeology styles of stories – part Indiana Jones, part Tomb Raider I loved how the story blended scientific fact, real-life expedition adventures and the action-based storyline too. The main characters and plot itself while well-written weren’t unique enough to make the story outstanding, but I feel certain this story will stick out in my mind because of the realism and exceptional details of the African exploration and adventure side of the story as a whole. The author did an amazing job taking me to the African desert and I enjoyed every moment of the experience. The mystery unfolded at a good pace – and I feel this aspect of the plot was well developed and should help retain most readers attention coupled with all the other interesting elements of the story.

A well-written story with interesting characters and fantastic attention to detail that really had me feeling like I was travelling alongside Kea. There’s enough adventure and mystery woven among everything that I feel this should be a good and enveloping read for most and I’d happily try other stories written by this author.

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