The Dom Who Said Please by Raven McAllan

The Dom Who Said Please by Raven McAllan
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (49 pgs)
Other: M/F, Spanking
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Widow Eleanor Charter knows one thing—she does not want to marry again. Especially not to someone forceful and dominant. So why is Theo Moncur, the Earl of Glensmoor interested in her? As far as she is concerned any man who considers himself dominant, whether he is or not, will play no part in her life. She will be in charge of her own life.
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Dominant Theo doesn’t have marriage on his mind. Having given his mistress her congé, his growing attraction toward Eleanor makes him wonder if she would fill that place. He sees something in her that appeals. The lady would be a perfect submissive—not that she agrees. However, the more he gets to know her, the more he understands she is the only lady for him. Now all he has to do is persuade Eleanor to agree.

Theodore, Earl of Glensmoor, was a confirmed rake and Dominant. Knowing that soon he would have to settle down and likely wed, he promised his Godmother that he would attend a number of the deadly boring – but necessary – social engagements men of his status were obliged to attend. While ducking his ex-paramour, Theo couldn’t suppress his intrigue by Lady Eleanor – an attractive and curious young woman widowed after only four months of marriage. Theo might be seeking very specific things in a woman, but Lady Eleanor captures his attention in a manner he simply can’t deny.

I admit I can’t recall having ever read a Regency story with a Dom as the hero – so this story grabbed my attention from the beginning. I was really pleased, therefore, to discover this short story blended the two genres really well. With the romantic history and lavish setting of the Regency era and the slightly edgy modern aspect of a BDSM style of story I thought this book blended to two elements really well. Lady Eleanor was not a simpering young miss – and while classified as a rake, Theo was not just some bored man trapped by his own dalliances. Theo was intrigued by Eleanor and wanted her and was determined to pursue and attract her. Eleanor, for her own part, was determined to retain her independence and was very well-matched to him in my opinion.

Given the shortness of the story I can’t really blame the author for the quick build up between the two characters – there just wasn’t room for a slower move to the bedroom or more of a chance for me as a reader to get to know the characters. While this really did feel a bit like a hasty roll in bed – a “happy for now” style of whirlwind romance and not something that could necessarily last the distance of time – with so few pages I can’t see how their relationship could have been given more depth in the quick setting. I found the sex to be hot and only a very little bit kinky but feel it should be satisfying to many readers.

An interesting blend of Regency historical and BDSM I found this to be a fun and different style of short story.

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