The Deary: Betrayal in the Shade of Light by Sarmistha

The Deary: Betrayal in the Shade of Light by Sarmistha
Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Genre: Suspense/Mystery/Thriller, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

After her brother’s mysterious demise, Steff Robert Smith collects herself and decides to know what’s hidden from her. As she gets obsessed with the payback, she is exposed to secrets and betrayals, the ones that were always in front of her eyes. The deceit was in the light, yet was shaded. The fight is not just against bad ones but also with time and her destiny. On the journey to get her revenge, loved ones come and go and she is left broken each time.

So, does her pain win, or does the revenge and fire of sisterly love take over? Will she bow to her destiny or rise above and win her battle?

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A little curiosity goes a long way, especially when it comes to a mysterious death.

Steff was an assertive individual, and that was one personality trait that was sorely needed in this mystery. This was the sort of adventure that required anyone participating in it to have a strong sense of what they were seeking and how far they were willing to go to reach their goals. She definitely had the right personality for that!

I had trouble getting into this story due to how non-descriptive it was. When characters were introduced, I had few to no details of what they looked or sounded like even when they were the protagonist or someone close to that role. This same problem extended to the settings, themes, and conflicts. I’d struggle to explain what many of them felt like or how they might have changed over time because of how little information I had about them to begin with.

The plot twists were well done, especially in the last dozen pages when the pacing picked up and Steff was dealing with multiple conflicts at once. These scenes raised the stakes of her mission and made me wonder what her fate would ultimately be. The author took a few risks with the ending that were a little out of the ordinary for the mystery genre, but they paid off wonderfully. I’m glad she was willing to stretch the boundaries of this genre like that.

The Deary: Betrayal in the Shade of Light should be read by anyone who enjoys action-filled mysteries.

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