The Cowboy’s Fairy Tale by Jessie Gussman

The Cowboy’s Fairy Tale by Jessie Gussman
Sweet Water Ranch Western Cowboy Romance Book 6
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

He’s the billionaire heir of Sweet Water Ranch. His family is throwing a ball and he must choose a wife.

She’s too poor to attend the ball as a guest. But she can go as the hired help.

One magical dance and a case of mistaken identity later, and nothing is as it seems.

If he backs out, he loses everything.

She never had anything to lose to begin with. Other than her soul-mate.

Will he choose love over a multi-billion dollar business and the biggest ranch in North Dakota? Can she let him give up everything for her?

If romance fans enjoy the Cinderella trope for their heroine, then this author has written a book filled with all the best parts to entertain her readers.

In this version, there is the step-father, two step-sisters and a younger half-brother. The yoke of responsibility that tethers Nell to her family farm is her half-brother, Vinton. Her love is so strong that it carries her through the times that would break a less determined person. Her respect and adoration of her deceased mother, and her guidance and advice while she was alive, buoys Nell up when she needs it the most. It’s said that the meek shall inherit the earth, but being meek doesn’t mean a person doesn’t stand up for themselves. It means they have an inner strength that a lot of people can’t fathom, and when something is really important, they step up to the plate with dignity and stand for what they believe in. They choose their battles with wisdom. Nell wouldn’t believe that of herself, but that’s what I saw. It may not come out until the end of the novel, but again, that’s when it counts the most and the author made sure readers would cheer for her heroine when the time came.

Ryder is the hero with a lot riding on his shoulders. He’s rich because he worked hard and is dedicated to what he does – so dedicated that it cost him in his first marriage. The author has the hero growing emotionally and in maturity during the course of The Cowboy’s Fairy Tale so that clarity comes to him. It takes getting to know Nell and Vinton to show him the way and I enjoyed watching all those baby steps and seeing how they guide him.

There were secondary characters of import besides Nell’s step-sisters. There is Roxie, Ryder’s sister, and then there’s Michelle, a character I didn’t like at all. I’m sure that was the point, and the author created an effective plot conflict using Michelle’s conniving and manipulative actions as she aimed to get what she wanted. I think that’s also where I had a hard time in the book. The angst got to me. When a certain scene came up, I knew exactly what was going to happen and I despised that eye-roll moment but I couldn’t help myself. I got that feeling of “oh, come on!” and I couldn’t take it. I walked away from the story for a bit. But, I had to come back; I had to know how the happily ever after could overcome what was going to transpire. I have to give the author credit, it didn’t play out exactly as I expected. It was much more devious than that. So, when Nell decided it was time to make her move, to finally stand up for what was of the utmost importance, she didn’t disappoint. She did it with dignity while wearing a fashion statement that is sure to never be forgotten. It was a little over the top, but then again, what Cinderella-themed trope isn’t? It wouldn’t work otherwise.

The happily ever after does occur but again, not quite in the way readers may expect. That fact makes this book stand out. It’s not expected perfection, but it is perfect and in line with what I enjoyed in the previous story, The Cowboy’s Convenient Marriage, and it’s what makes The Cowboy’s Fairy Tale well worth reading. And, just like the previous book I read, the author includes a hook in the epilogue to get a reader interested in the next story. I believe it’s about Clay, a/k/a Preacher. He’s a nice guy and he’s helped the heroes and heroines in previous stories so it sounds like he’s overdue for his own HEA. It’s something to look forward to, that’s for sure.

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