*The Billionaire’s Appetite by L. A. Day

*The Billionaire’s Appetite by L. A. Day
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

She wanted funding—he needed submission. He would give her more than she asked for.

Charity’s father pulled the funding for her research, but she may have found the perfect replacement. Silas is a billionaire and he agrees to meet to discuss her proposal. After an embarrassing first encounter with the gorgeous but elusive billionaire, she didn’t expect him to help her.

Silas Radford is intrigued by the beautiful and brainy scientist. She asks for funding, but he wants a partnership—and not just in business. Sparks fly between them the moment they meet, but there are a few issues to set to rest before he can close the deal.

But Charity doesn’t realize Silas is friends with the father she feels betrayed her. And even if they can get past that, he still has to show her the full extent of his darker appetites…

What happens when a scientist and billionaire businessman meet? That’s the premise in L.A. Day’s newest book, The Billionaire’s Appetite. This quick read is passionate, fun and entertaining.

Silas is a successful businessman with a womanizing reputation. He likes to be in control and when he sees something he wants, he grabs it. So, when he meets Charity, he pulls out all the stops to make her his. Despite his faults, I liked Silas. He is colorful and entertaining and knows what he wants.

Charity is a scientist looking for money for her project. When Silas agrees to help her, she is ecstatic, but she doesn’t realize there are strings attached. Charity is so easy to like. She is dedicated to her project and innocent.

I loved Silas and Charity together and I enjoyed all the push and pull between them. I could feel all the tension flowing between them. Plus, they have tons of chemistry. This is a fun erotic story from start to finish.

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