The Arasmith Certainty Principle by Russ Colson

The Arasmith Certainty Principle by Russ Colson
Publisher: Double Dragon Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Length: Full Length (310 pages)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

A geology grad student with a spiritual bent and a mystic from the Pleistocene find a modern skeleton in ancient rock and must risk their friendship to save the world from an unexpected danger lurking within the laws of physics.
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Jen Hewitt, a quiet geology graduate student, doesn’t actually believe in time travel. Were it possible, rocks from the age of dinosaurs should already be cluttered with artifacts from future time-tourists. Nevertheless, she proves with fellow geologist Jonathan Renner that a human skeleton encased in Pleistocene rock came from their own time. Their work, coupled with fundamental research by physicist Susan Arasmith, reveals an unexpected character to the universe that carries them from the safe world of science into a struggle with powers and possibilities they hadn’t imagined. The three friends, along with Kar-Tur, a frightening mystic from the ancient past, learn that discovery is sometimes as much about faith as knowledge, and that friendship and love are often found where least expected.

This is a unique time travel story that incorporates plenty of action while focusing on relationships and some profound topics. It manages to have depth while also being quite entertaining. Around the thought-provoking science, geology and physics, is a fast-paced tale given from the point of view of several characters. Inside of the story we find a bit of mystery and intrigue.

The characters are well drawn and easy to relate to, each with their own issues and strengths. Even the villains are developed. Among these characters, some interesting and changing relationships occur as they search for answers. Are human beings alone in the greater universe or even on this planet? A looming threat creates a feel of impending doom.

The sci-fi flavor of this story enhances the time travel, which is pretty creative. Some fascinating things happen when science meets faith. Mysticism and science come together for a believable, enjoyable adventure that will leave readers thinking about important concepts even past the end of the book.

For those who enjoy their entertainment woven around ideas to stimulate further thought and fresh new presentations of such fun concepts at time travel, this book is a good one to check out.

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