The Anthony Brothers: Lost Love by Harmony Bryce

The Anthony Brothers: Lost Love by Harmony Bryce
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (39 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

It ALL started with spilled champagne…

When Markus Anthony accidentally bumps into the stunning Savannah at his brother’s wedding, he gets more than just a soaking wet tuxedo.

In that instance, a love he believed to be forever lost is sparked anew.  She’s more beautiful than ever, and her kiss sends him into a passionate delirium.

But there’s trouble ahead…

Will his foolish ways cause him to lose Savannah once and for all? And who is the strange man Savannah’s been talking to in the middle of the night?

Markus is dumped the night before his brother, Jin’s, wedding. Suffice to say he was a bit of a mess for his brother’s big day. This seemingly unending day was topped off when a blast from his past bumps into him, spilling her glass of champagne all over his newly purchased tuxedo. Markus doesn’t remember the Savannah he dated in their senior year of high school to be quite this breathtaking, but he certainly wasn’t going to complain. Markus and Savannah are both going to learn nothing is easy when it comes to relationships, not even the second time around.

I enjoyed how this book moves at a fast pace. Each chapter jumps a bit forward in time, so even though the progress between Savannah and Markus is slow, it’s not a drawn-out thing, but neither do we miss any of the good stuff. We follow as Markus and Savannah get to know each other again, as Markus gets promoted and they move in together. I feel like this is an excellent blend of slow-and-steady paced romance with the thrill and speed of a more sexy read. All the love scenes have closed doors – though it’s quite clear Savannah and Markus are intimate with each other. I have to think this story could well be an excellent way for more traditional romance readers to add a bit more spice to their repertoire, without actually crossing the line into sexually graphic stories.

Part of the plot was a bit clichéd, but I loved the expansive, over-the-top manner with which Markus finally came around and was pleased there was a happy ending. This is a lovely book, both sweet and spicy enough to appeal to a wide range of readers I would think. I enjoyed it and look forward to more stories by this author.

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