Talking Sense by Serenity Woods

Talking Sense by Serenity Woods
Sensual Healing, Book 3
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (241 Pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

Love—and healing—can come from the most unexpected places…

Sensual Healing, Book 3

Still hurting physically and emotionally after a tragic car accident, Mia Nicholls has everything but love on her mind. Until quiet, sexy Colm Molony—a man who barely registered on her romantic radar—gives her a more-than-friends birthday kiss that really rings her bell.

The minute he laid eyes on Mia, Colm knew she was trouble, which is one reason he’s kept his distance. The other is that he’ll be leaving New Zealand to go back to Ireland at summer’s end. Yet when he touches Mia’s watch, his supernatural ability to sense others’ emotions kicks in, and his instinct to soothe her private pain overrides his intention to stay away.

While away on a course together, talk leads to massage, then to a game of strip whist, culminating in a physical relationship that turns emotional faster than either expected. But when a shocking event threatens to upset Mia’s tenuous equilibrium, Colm must untangle himself from his own past before he can save her wounded heart from slipping beyond his reach.

Talking Sense is the third book in Serenity Woods’ Sensual Healing series, and takes place in the same New Zealand locations as the others. This is Mia’s book, the last of the three friends to find romance and happiness with just a bit of supernatural assistance. I love this world Ms. Woods has created, with real people and possibilities of something just a little more. The characters are charismatic and likeable, and the situations never feel contrived or unrealistic.

It has been a rough stretch of time for Mia Nicholls, after a devastating accident that has left her physically and emotionally wounded. She doesn’t feel she has the right to be happy or feel comfort, not when others died and she lived. As she watches her friends find happiness, she continues to punish herself. When the quiet exchange teacher from Ireland befriends her, he is able to ease some of her pain, but she still isn’t sure she is deserving of his attention. Colm Molony knows he has no business getting involved; he is only ‘down under’ for one year, and he has a hidden agenda behind his visit. But when he touches Mia’s watch, he realizes just how much pain she is in, and tries to use his special power to aid in easing her discomfort. When a relaxing massage to ease her pain becomes much more, both are surprised. But Colm came to find out if he could locate the father he never met, the man who left his mother without a word, and his senses lead him here, and he has to know. Can Colm let the past go and find happiness with Mia? Can Mia get over the emotional pain of causing the accident, even though she was never really at fault? Can these two wounded souls heal each other and find peace and happiness together?

Mia Nicholls is sensitive and caring, and can’t quite get past the event that changed her life so drastically. She refuses to accept help with her pain, feeling it is her burden to bear for what happened. Although she has been working at the same school as Colm, she never noticed before how caring and handsome he really is. When he befriends her, she is able to accept because she knows he will be leaving at the end of his term, and she doesn’t think she has anything to offer, long term. I loved watching as Mia was able to come to terms with the past and finally find the strength to move on with her life, whether Colm was in it or not.

Colm Molony is a quiet and gentle man, handsome and determined to follow the course he has set for himself; go to New Zealand, find the man who fathered him and left, and then return to his normal and quiet life in Ireland. He didn’t count on meeting someone like Mia, someone who could accept that he had something ‘extra’ to offer with his touch sensitivity. I enjoyed watching as Colm tried to resist what his heart wanted, and smiled as he learned what was important to him.

There are a couple of side threads here, the biggest one is the threat to Mia’s friend Grace, and how they are able to unite to help save the day. The supporting characters are Mia’s friends and the men they met in the first two books, and I enjoyed seeing how both couples were doing. And the passion Ms. Woods brings to Mia and Colm’s story is hot and sensual and heats the story nicely. I enjoyed that, in spite of the trials and the determination of the two main characters, love comes through and unites these two most deserving people.

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