Summer Of Sundaes by Amey Zeigler

Summer Of Sundaes by Amey Zeigler
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

After dropping out a semester short of college graduation, Bailey Madison inherits the management of her family’s struggling ice cream shop in Seward, Alaska. When Kingsley Tours needs her prime location to expand their business into the Last Frontier, Bailey must use her wits and creative ice cream recipes to save her shop.

Usually carefree and self-centered Brahms Kingsley must prove to his father he can buckle down and lead Kingsley Tours as the company grows. But how can he close Bailey’s shop when she still holds a place in his heart?

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Bailey’s ice cream shop might not make many sales since the Alaskan climate doesn’t lend itself to many hot and sunny days, but it’s been in her family for generations and she loves it. When Kingsley Tours – and Brahms Kingsley in particular is offered the chance to take over her store’s rental agreement Bailey and Brahms find themselves circling each other’s orbit once again.

I really enjoyed the complexity of both Bailey and Brahms characters, how they had a number of conflicting desires and feelings that made their relationship – and lack thereof – interesting and slightly different from other stories I’ve read. I also really enjoyed how the small town was filled with a cast of very strong and vibrant secondary characters. It made the community feel really involved but also extremely realistic to me and this greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the story.

While I felt the conflict of the story was pretty clichéd – Brahms’ father’s cruise company buying the lease on Bailey’s family’s shop and the friction this causes between them and the big business coming into the small community – I have to admit all the other elements surrounding the story and the genuine affection Brahms felt for Bailey helped round this feeling out. I also really enjoyed the novel idea Bailey had to help float her ice cream store and bring in a lot more traffic.

I love how the author gave plenty of time and space for Brahms and Bailey to connect and become emotionally involved with each other, with the support of the numerous town folk as well and the friction of Brahms’ father’s new business there was plenty of plot and action pushing the pace of this story along so it was lovely to see Bailey and Brahms taking their time and connecting together a bit more slowly.

Sweet and good this was a lovely story and one I enjoyed.

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