Stalked by Sam Crescent

Stalked by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (44 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

James Stork has been watching Emily Miller for over two years now. She’s twenty years his junior and has dealt with so much loss. Her life was thrown upside down, and staying in the background, he’s tried his hardest to help guide her. He gave her a job, made sure her apartment was paid for, and everyone knows to keep an eye on her, but not to get too close.

She belongs to him.

For Emily, she has a crush on her much older boss. He makes her ache and yearn for things she didn’t think she could ever want. When James makes it clear he wants the same things she does, falling into bed with him—falling for him—is all too easy.
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But when she discovers how much James has done for her, she’s shocked, surprised, and a little scared. He’s not given her a chance to be free. Is she ungrateful? Mean? Is there really anything to forgive? He was taking care of her when she needed it most. Can she get past the manipulation to still love the man himself?

This story almost reminds me of Cinderella, except the heroine has a fairy godfather instead of a godmother. The only magic is money, brute strength, and determination. Her stalker has a reputation as a mover and shaker, and as a man who makes things happen. The reason for his stalkerish behavior is simple – love.

In a way, it makes sense that James could do all he did. He is older, established and of an age where he knows exactly what he wants when he sees it, and is able to do something about it. Namely, protect her, watch over her and love Emily from afar. I credit the character for waiting while she got over the grief of losing her parents. Making sure she knew her own mind and had healed emotionally allowed me to respect the hero’s restraint.

The well-written eroticism covers James finally making a move on Emily. He introduces her to many firsts and the heroine is more than ready to participate because feelings for James had been growing for quite some time. His being her teacher was sexy. James was commanding and sure and his focus is on making sure Emily knows what he feels for her though his touch and actions and some spicy dialogue.

Naturally, the fly in the ointment was finding out just how far reaching James’ reach is. Emily’s reaction was, as expected, anger. However, it’s not the over-the-top screech-fest I expected. Then again, her outbursts weren’t very impressive as they were short lived. I thought she forgave him too easily. Perhaps that’s due to pacing required of a short story. At least where they stood in their relationship is made clear.

Stalked has a really nice happy ever after ending that culminated in the epilogue. It proved what I thought, James is a very virile man, and Emily might be all his, but he is absolutely all hers.

This little romance is well-balanced between being erotically sexy and roughly romantic. It’s amazing what lengths a man will go to when he’s in love. Read Stalked and find out.

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