Spotlight on Love by Kristian Parker

Spotlight on Love by Kristian Parker
Speak Its Name, book 3
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Historical, LGBTQ, Erotic Romance
Rating; 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

If love conquers all, George Lomax has its biggest challenge yet…

It’s 1923 and George Lomax is on the run. Not from the law but from his boss, the predatory stage company manager Waldo Waddington. George came to London from the States in a Harlem-style musical, but Waldo demands more than just a good performance on the stage from the males in his cast.

Fleeing, George arrives at Safe Haven Boarding House in Brighton and immerses himself in the loving, accepting world of Tanner, Charlie, Frank and Michael. A stroll in the local park brings him to Stanley Butterworth, a war veteran who’s experienced his own horrors, and it’s love at first sight for the two very different men.

But Waldo is hot on George’s heels, using George’s employment contract and visa to drag him back into his clutches. Can George find a way to not only be free but be free to love Stanley…if Stanley can overcome his own demons to love him back?

Two souls who should be together, searching for forever together and it’s so sweet.
I’m a sucker for Kristian Parker’s books and the moment I saw this book. I’ve loved the others in this series and knew I needed to read this one. I love that it’s interracial, I love that it’s the twenties and that these characters are so different. I’m not wild about first person writing, but this book delivers.

I love George and Stanley together. They’re great for each other and it was nice to catch up with the other characters from this series. I’m not wild about what happened to George, but I do like the twists involved. It’s good. Plus, there are moments of heat and sweetness.

If you’re a fan of historicals, want a good one that’s of a time period not often dealt with in romance, plus one that features LGBTQ characters and is well-written, then this is the book and series for you. Try it!

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