Spell Bound by Emma Weylin

Spell Bound by Emma Weylin
Love Cursed, Book 1
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (134 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Clover has a peculiar effect on men—they turn into homicidal lunatics. She decides to swear off men and gives up her dream of the perfect boring suburban life. She hadn’t counted on finding a very large, very yummy Viking in her favorite part of the library courtyard. Clover finds she has to trust this Viking, because she’s in danger from gangsters hunting her to collect on her brother’s debts.

Rune is a thousand-year-old Viking trying to escape from a curse. He must fall in love with the woman the gods choose for him or suffer eternity in Norse Hel. Nine times he’s tried and nine times he’s failed. This is his last attempt. Resigned to his doom, he vows to save Clover from the gods’ petty games before his death. As the last round of the gods’ game begins, Rune discovers there are worse things than losing his soul.

A book that can make me laugh out loud or giggle is a keeper. Spell Bound not only has a terrific sense of fun and adventure, it also has a lot of heart and enough external and internal conflict to keep me wide-eyed with fascination. It has spells and curses, and the most wicked of all is the curse of a very devious and obsessive compulsive Loki.

I had my first taste of Ms. Weylin’s writing style in the short story, Dark Forest. As amazing as that snippet was, I wondered at the time what she could do with a longer story length and I found my answer in reading Spell Bound. She knocked my socks off.

The only reason that this book isn’t a solid five star book was because the editing wasn’t flawless. There was a word spelled completely wrong and a few words that should have been plural, but weren’t. Truly, those are the only issues with this story. I cannot fault anything else. I loved the hero, Rune. A man who’s lived under a curse for a thousand years, he has had the time to become bitter and angry but he never did. It’s said that once a man meets the right woman, he’ll be a better man. It certainly is true in this book. With Clover, he finds himself wanting to be truthful instead of feeding her a rehearsed ‘safe’ line that he’s used with every woman before. He found that he could laugh with Clover and eventually, learn what to love and be loved is all about. This tale is as romantic as a book can get.

Clover is simply adorable. Okay, so she cries at the drop of a hat but what would be annoying and weak in another character, is a sign of strength and character in the heroine. It’s endearing and how it affects the hero is profound. In fact, it’s one of the things he ends up loving about her. You have to read the book to understand why. The heroine is funny, clever, interesting and well rounded. Clover and Rune are spectacular together.

My absolute favorite section of the book is when Rune met his biological dad. As soon as Clover quipped, “These are not the droids you are looking for”, I was a goner. What came after was one of the most fun dialogue and character interactions I have read in a long time. It’s what made this book go from a good read to a fantastic read. I could relate to Clover because she loved the same movies I do and she conversed the same way as I do with my own friends – movie quotes. Ms. Weylin is an author after my own heart.

Ironically, the villains of the tale aren’t necessarily villainous. They’re…like Loki in the recent Thor movies. Not totally bad, certainly not virtuous, just gods being gods – you know, bored, moronic, petty and prone to self-centeredness. When Rune tells one of them a glaring truth, it was pivotal. It showed me that he finally did understand what true love was about, and his words struck home as probably nothing ever said to a god before had ever done. It wasn’t until the ending that I got to see the fruit of Rune’s words. Again, it’s romantic. And sweet and yes, even humorous. However, there is one true villain in the piece and his demise is short, sweet if a little gruesome. But then again, what can one expect from a Viking and a Celt?

Secondary characters are key. I liked Law and want to know more about him. He has his own issues but Ms. Weylin certainly fleshed him out enough while he helped Clover and Rune for me to want to see him find his own happy ever after someday. He’s intriguing and sexy in his own right.

Speaking of sexy, when Rune and Clover get together, it’s steamy, sexy, romantic, sometimes funny but in all ways that count, perfect. I loved the build-up, the seduction, and when they finally culminated their passion, I was a very happy reader.

Spell Bound is a true delight and a worthy read for any paranormal romance reader. It has an adventurous race against time, the breaking of curses, mixed up family dynamics, laughter, sexy seductions and a happy ever after that can inspire an ear to ear grin. I heartily recommend this book and this author to other readers. Ms. Weylin sure knows her craft and I’m thrilled I discovered her.


  1. Thank you for this awesome review! I am so happy you enjoyed the story.


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