Something Old, Something Dead by Misty Simon

Something Old, Something Dead by Misty Simon
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery, Comedy
Length: Full Length (252 Pages)
Heat level: Sensual
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Ivy Morris never thought she’d be walking her new stepmother down the aisle to her father. Not a flawless event, because, really, when is anything in Ivy’s life flawless? At least she avoids tripping. It’s the reception that has the flaw. The wedding singer nearly chokes to death on a glass of water, and then Ivy’s sister finds something unexpected in the parking lot.

And that’s not all. Something odd is going on in the sleepy little town of Martha’s Point — for some reason, no female under the age of fifty can keep her hands off Ivy’s boyfriend. Ivy’s little shop enjoys a tremendous increase in business as those women keep running in to buy more new sexy lingerie, but her heart is anything but happy.
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What will it take to solve these mysteries? Is Ivy up to it? Well, she’s about to find out.

She just can’t seem to avoid a good murder mystery, no matter how hard she tries.

Ivy Morris owns her own shop in the sleepy town of Martha’s Point. She’s still a little new to the area but already managed to earn the reputation as a trouble-making outsider by the townspeople, except by those she’s helped. However, on the day of her father and stepmother’s wedding, a death occurs and she’s once again plunged into a murder mystery. If that wasn’t enough, she realizes that there’s something fishy going on with the females in this town. They have been jumping on her boyfriend left and right.

The story had a main plot and a sub plot that had me reaching for the book at every chance to find the whys and hows and see how Ivy gets out of this latest scrape. I got the impression it was more of a romantic mystery but it had enough comedic elements to keep it from going down a dark mystery direction.

Ivy wants to fit in the town and be called one of them rather than still being known as as an out-of-towner. So when the murder is discovered, she tries to stay out of it but circumstances do not allow her to do that.

Something Old, Something Dead is not shown as a series in Goodreads but it’s definitely part of a series. Actually, it’s the fourth book in the Ivy Morris mysteries. The first one was Poison Ivy. For readers who like reading the stories from the start to finish this may become slight problem but, this one could also be enjoyed as a separate cozy mystery. A satisfying mystery with a good dose of comedy. This one is an easy recommend.

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