Sky’s The Limit by Mychael Black

Sky’s The Limit by Mychael Black
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (42 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Despite his last name, Kelly Snow despises winter. He hates being cold and tromping through snow and ice. So, naturally, he’s called to inspect and catalogue a hermit’s vast library… in the mountains.

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Kelly and Dregan couldn’t be any more different, but neither man can deny the bizarre magnetic attraction between them. Dregan refuses to believe what it means, but that’s the least of his worries. What happens when Kelly discovers just what sort of man he’s working for?

Kelly likes his quiet life – warm and comfortable and filled with books, exactly how he wants it. When his best friend, Max, convinces Kelly to take a job cataloguing the library of his dreams, Kelly simply can’t resist. And after unknowingly drinking a love potion Max slipped him, Kelly is surprised when Dregan Stone’s books aren’t the only thing he can’t resist.

I really enjoyed this short story. Kelly and Dregan were fun and interesting characters I felt connected to very quickly. Kelly is a fairly typical human guy, and while Dregan (much as his name suggests) is a dragon-shifter he’s still a book-obsessed, family and clan-orientated independent guy who I could easily see myself chatting to over a hot cup of tea. Despite the short length of the story I was pleased the author spent a bit of time in the beginning allowing us as readers to see a bit of Dregan and Kelly’s personalities by themselves as they slowly interacted with one another. This helped the romance between them firstly feel more realistic, but also allowed me as a reader see that this wasn’t just a potion-fueled lust thing – or worse, something fake or temporary. I could see how Dregan and Kelly meshed together as people and how they shared a number of interests together.

I’m not sure if the author meant to give this story a hint of “Beauty and the Best” to it. It very well just could be me – and that ginormous library – but there were a few points where I wondered if the author was subtly giving a nod to the Beast in particular. I was a little surprised how quickly Kelly accepted Dregan and all the paranormal secrets revolving around him. Considering the short length of the story I fully appreciate how going back and forth between disbelief or denial might have eaten too much into the story, but I couldn’t help but feel Kelly was just a shade too accepting and unsurprised by some pretty huge paranormal aspects to Dregan and his world.

With two very interesting characters, a library to drool over and some fun and sexy romance between the two men overall I found this to be a light and enjoyable, quick read. I found the author’s voice mostly realistic and can easily see myself enjoying this quick read again in the future.

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