Sex, Wolves and Rock ‘n’ Roll by Mina Carter

Sex, Wolves and Rock ‘n’ Roll by Mina Carter
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (53 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Clover

He’d loved Karlan forever. Now he must face forever without him…

Karlan Rixx is the epitome of the playboy rocker. Sexy and gorgeous, with that feral edge that marked a werewolf, Sav’s been in love with him for years. The trouble is, Karlan’s Mr. New girl every night, as straight as they come, and Sav doesn’t stand a chance. Unable to bear it anymore, he makes plans to leave the band, even though it will break his heart in the process. But anything’s better than seeing the man he loves and not being able to touch. Ever.

K loves being a Lyric Hound. The only time he truly feels alive is on stage, a guitar in his hand and the beat of Sav’s drums flowing through his veins. Despite his image as a womaniser, it’s the other wolf who makes his heart pound and his body ache. Before K can admit his feelings though, Sav leaves and rips his world apart.

Enter Madam Eve and a very special 1NS date. Can she succeed where so many investigators have failed and find K’s lost wolf?

When your senses don’t work but your instincts do things can get very complicated.

Sex, Wolves and Rock ‘n’ Roll is a fun story about two male rock star wolves finding each other. They’re both in a band, The Lyric Hounds, and have yearned for each other in secret for years. The crux of the problem is that one of the wolves, K, has no sense of smell after being trapped in a fire as a child. This means he can’t smell his true mate, Sav, despite a yearning for him and the fact that he normally he beds women – lots of women! Lets just say he’s run out of bedposts for all those notches!

I liked how the story started straight in the action, in a packed room with the two heroes watching each other across the crowd. The tension was there from the beginning and it stayed hovering as I turned the pages. Both characters were likeable and the author switched between their viewpoints to enhance the story which I enjoyed.

The ‘world’ they live in is easy to lose yourself in, I enjoyed the small revelations about their history and hopes and fears, though at times this interrupted the flow, particularly in a sexy scene. I would recommend this book to fans of m/m paranormal and the 1 Night Stand series – which I personally love – as it is well written, hooks you from the start and the sexy bits, phew, they are sexy and certainly made the build up to the action well worth the wait. Ms Carter is an author to watch and for me her m/m writing is right up my street.

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