Sating the Lust God by Kate Hill

Sating the Lust God by Kate Hill
Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (80 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Sex
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Eternal life — and eternal torture.

Forever young, forever strong, forever bound to their temple — a cult of vampire priests, sustained by the blood of their god.

The Great Chand, God of Lust, Ruler of Fertility and Death. Punished by his fellow gods for his insatiable appetite for sex, sentenced to eternity in the Netherworld, separated from all he once cherished. Each year the priests summon the Lust God, who takes over Kabir’s body. Chand’s promise, eternal life in exchange for a week of freedom. For a hundred years Chand has kept his promise. A taste of his blood each year keeps the priests alive and almost godlike themselves, but at a terrible price.

For a hundred years Kabir has withstood the ritual, hosting the god’s terrible lusts, suffered through ecstasy and horror such as no man should endure. There is but one way to break the curse. A mortal woman must fall in love with both Chand and Kabir. After more than a century, Kabir believes he has finally found such a woman. Tamanna fears neither man. But does she have the strength and compassion to love and accept two such opposite mates?

Despite the title, it’s not all wham bam slam the ham. Sating the Lust God is actually a story with heart. The heroine had to work her tail off to find it behind the fortress it was hiding behind but she eventually does touch the god’s emotions and that journey is why this book works so well.

As with most erotic stories lately, the tale starts off with a heavy dose of lust. It’s a dream sequence and it’s truly pertinent to the momentum of the story. If Tamanna hadn’t had the hots for the Lust God, Chand, the whole story wouldn’t have worked. The heroine has a strong empathy for others and a caring heart. All it takes is one look from a year ago for her to plan her future. Of course, the surprise twists that are in store for her could never have been imagined by a simple woman living in a hut. In fact, the whole scenario she takes part in is all a lie. But to what end and why is only found out once she gets her wish, to be with Chand.

Kabir is a victim of circumstance. He’s also swallowed by the lie but for him there is no escape. I felt bad for him but by the same token, I was impressed with his inexhaustible persistence in not giving up. His perseverance provided another catalyst that changed the course of his life as well as Tamanna and Chand’s.

I didn’t list M/F/M initially because I wasn’t too sure if it qualified. You see, Chand and Kabir share the same body but when Chand’s in charge, he has four arms yet Kabir is still around, floating in his own brain while his consciousness is ruled by Chand. I didn’t list M/M either because it was only a couple of sentences with one of the ‘priests’ and the changeover of Kabir to Chand. To say this is a busy book is an understatement.

When Tamanna is finally is alone with Chand is when the magic of this story occurs. The author systematically showed the heroine chipping away at the lust god’s stubbornness and inability to share. He tries to stay invulnerable but her treating him different that all the ones before and Kabir constantly needling him about it, wore the god down. That whole process was touching, sometimes sweet, oftentimes annoying for the heroine but the one that that never failed was the sex. Those scenes were well written and plentiful but my favorite is when Chand became confused with the non-sexual touch. What’s a lust god going to do with a nonsexual touch? I found that amusing and kind of endearing.

Ultimately, the three beings have to come to a decision. And as this is a romance, I was treated to an unusual happy ever after that was perfect for the characters. I found it rather sweet, in an understated sexy kind of way but a little funny too. For the three of them who started out with no hope to end up actually finding their own slice of happiness made this a pleasurable read and worth spending an hour or two with.

Sating the Lust God is a fun, entertaining and sexy read that really made the time fly. I enjoyed the unique dynamics of a threesome but in a twosome. I liked the progression of the dialogue – from arrogance to loving, from impatience to caring. It sure is a different kind of romance; there’s a lot to like and it’s why I have no hesitation in recommending this book to readers of erotic fantasy romance.

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