Rolling in the Deep by Morgan Malone

Rolling in the Deep by Morgan Malone
The I’ll Never Say I Do Club Book 2
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

I dare you, I double, triple dare you, to go online for three months and really look at the guys who are out there just waiting to fall in love with the awesome women you are! I bet you that you will all be head over heels and engaged by the end of the year!

Seri, Emily, Jessica, and Olivia made a vow in college never to marry when they formed The “I’ll Never Say I Do” Club. At 40, they are all rich, successful, and alone. Then Seri meets and falls in love with a man she improbably met online. At her Maine wedding, she issues a challenge to her three bridesmaids: three months to meet a man they want to marry. The consolation prize if they fail: a New Year’s trip to Hawaii. What have they got to lose?

Emily Livingston has a secret. She’s managed to keep her troubled past hidden from almost everyone for over twenty years. Only her dear friends, Seri, Olivia, and Jessica, know about the scar from the tragic accident that shattered her dreams. And destroyed her heart. She runs her personal life like she runs her growing physical therapy and fitness practice: smooth, efficient, and reserved. Men are temporary pleasures reserved for vacations and business trips. Never close to home. Until she breaks all the rules with a one-night stand too close for comfort.

Wolfgang Biddle Wharton, rich, gorgeous, super-star conductor, appears to have the world at his feet. But he knows what it is to look for new dreams when the old ones die. Wolf arrives in Saratoga Springs as a guest conductor for the Philadelphia Orchestra, looking forward to a relaxing summer residence in the Spa City. What he finds is a woman who immediately attracts him and almost as quickly dismisses him. Not used to being thwarted, Wolf sets out to woo and win Emily, at least for one more night.

They have nothing in common. Except lost dreams and rebuilt lives. And an attraction that is not satisfied in one-night. Wolf wants more, but it will take all his patience and perseverance to win Emily’s trust. Fighting against her friend’s prediction that she would find love by summer’s end, Emily must face her past before she can reveal to Wolf the injury that is more terrible than the one that almost took her life: the scarred remnants of her shattered heart.

They’re both in over their head, but it’s oh so good.

I already knew I’d like this book because I loved the first book in the series, Someone Like You. It was great to catch up to the characters and see where the author took the stories. I also liked that the characters are cookie-cutter. He’s a conductor and she’s in physical therapy and fitness.

I plowed right through this book in no time because the writing moved along so well. It did. I was swept away with the characters and loved every second. I got emotionally involved with them, too. I wanted to see them do well, have a happy ending and break down so they could build each other back up.

Wolf comes across as a bit snooty to begin with, but I liked how the author peeled the layers back on him to make him a great character. So caring, too. I could see him before the orchestra, as well. Emily took a bit of time for me to like her, but that seemed intended. She’s got a crust on her that needed some help in being knocked off. I understood why and no spoilers, but I loved her journey to getting there. It was great and so was the chemistry between her and Wolf.

If you’re looking for a solid romance that will stay with you long after the last page, then this is the one for you.

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