Rocky by Harley Wylde & Jessica Coulter Smith

Rocky by Harley Wylde & Jessica Coulter Smith
Dixie Reapers MC Book 3
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Short Story (144 Pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Sex/Play
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Mara: I was daddy’s little girl, until he didn’t come home one day. Mom moved on, married a rich guy I can’t stand, and his son, Sebastian Rossi, wants what he can’t have — me. I didn’t realize when I chose to run that I would crash down a mountain, or that the man who pulled me from the wreckage would rescue me in every way that counts. Rocky is the biggest, sexiest badass I’ve ever seen. And the more time I spend with him, the more I want to feel his lips on mine, his hands holding me, his body claiming me. I want him so bad I can taste it, but the stubborn man says I’m too young. I’ll just have to prove him wrong.
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Rocky: All I wanted was to brood in peace and quiet on my mountaintop while I tried to outrun my demons. I never expected that past to show up in the form of a sexy as fuck woman — a woman I shouldn’t touch. I’m not only twenty years older than her, I’m part of the reason her dad never came home. I’ll do anything it takes to keep her safe, even go home to Alabama. My brothers, the Dixie Reapers, will help protect her. I’m just not sure who’s going to protect her from me, because if I ever get my hands on all those curves, I’m not ever going to let her go.

“I will save you every time you need to be rescued, protect you every day from now until eternity, and love you until I draw my last breath.”

One of the things I absolutely love about this series is that I never get bored or have a need to skip paragraphs and pages to get to the good parts. Every bit of the book is interesting and It keeps getting better and better with every book in the series.

The book could definitely be read as a standalone however each couple does appear in the other books of the series. This for does not hinder my ability to understand the story, thanks to the Authors.

Mara and Rocky has an instant chemistry. With every interaction between them. The relationship deepened and chemistry got better. Even though they had a bit of an age gap and Mara was a bit young she knew her mind and what she wanted. Rocky on the other hand became a bit of a recluse after his Marine days. They not just complimented each other but brought each other up.

There were multiple plots in there. And each one added to the story. It was not too complicated of a story. It had enough action, romance and all things naughty to keep me completely engaged.

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