Risking It With Scott by Cameron Allie

Risking It With Scott by Cameron Allie
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (69 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

The most challenging part of Scott’s new job as a sales rep for Winters Beer is attempting to get the local bar, the Fiddler, to sell their brew. Why? The bartender, Mercedes. She’s gorgeous, sexy, and smart, and she turns him down every time he approaches her. After coming to her rescue, she rewards him with a kiss — and her number. But when it comes to love, Scott has a dirty past, and he’s not quite ready to risk his heart again. He hopes one carnal night will be enough to satisfy his need for the elusive barkeep.

If she does not share a good rapport with her partner, the tension may even creep between the sheets, and leave a woman cheap viagra without prescription feel little or not gratified at all. buy cialis usa Key ingredients in Mast Mood oil are Samudra Phal, Ashwagandha, Jawadi Kasturi and Kapoor. A problem that gets prolonged after viagra samples no prescription six months requires a medical intervention. levitra 60 mg downtownsault.org WHAT IS ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION? Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem that affects nearly millions of men across the world. Mercedes knows she shouldn’t trust Scott. Not after hearing the rumors at the bar, rumors from women saying he doesn’t call after their night together, or worse, he never calls at all in the first place. After one wild night in his bed, he delivers a crushing blow — he’s not interested in a relationship. But she’s welcome in his bed, anytime.

Will pride keep her from enjoying the pleasure she finds in his arms? Can Scott overlook past pain and risk his heart all over again?

Scott is the newest sales rep for Winters Beer, and while usually he would chafe at the indecisiveness of a potential client, when it comes to the Fiddler Scott has a mountain of patience. Every time he needs to go back gives him another opportunity to see Mercedes. They’d both flirt, and Scott knew there was more than just good chemistry between them – so why did Mercedes always turn him down, each and every time?

I found this to be a sexy, very modern style of romance. The chemistry between Scott and Mercedes was delicious and I found it personally quite clear they wanted each other very much. I also really enjoyed the pacing of the story – even though they’d been flirting and circling each other for ages, the reader isn’t just thrown into Scott and Mercedes burning up the sheets together. We get to see them interact a few times and also get to see just how serious they are about each other from both of their perspectives. This helped me see that despite his playboy reputation Scott really was genuinely interested in the spark he felt with Mercedes, and that despite her turning him down continually Mercedes was just gun-shy – not stringing him along.

I was a little torn about the two main areas of conflict in the story. Mis-communications between Scott and Mercedes made me really question at one point if they were a good long-term romance pairing. They each had trust and commitment worries and despite there being plenty of steam in the bedroom and chemistry between them as characters I just couldn’t help but feel the issues that rose between them might be a flag for real problems down the line. About half way through the short story I realized I might be over-thinking the longevity of Scott and Mercedes and one I disconnected my brain and just ran with it I enjoyed the story a lot more – but I can’t help but think this might not be suited to every readers tastes as I didn’t feel completely convinced Scott and Mercedes would (or should) last the distance together.

Readers looking for chemistry and sexy shenanigans between two interesting and layered characters should, I feel, certainly get what they’re after here. I found both Scott and Mercedes to be interesting and well-drawn characters. In many respects this is a good, steamy short story. I enjoyed the sex and found it strongly believable and there’s a strong cast of secondary characters that I felt really helped flesh out the story and make the larger world outside of Scott and Mercedes’ relationship feel more realistic. A good short story.

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