Rider’s Kiss by Anne Rainey

Rider’s Kiss by Anne Rainey
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (83 Pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Nerdy girls can be sexy. All it takes is the right mix of sugar and spice…

In high school, Victoria was every guy’s buddy. And ever since, she’s been stuck in the friend zone. Sex appeal? She doesn’t have enough of that to fill her smallest measuring spoon. Thankfully, her catering business keeps her too busy to think about her personal life—or lack thereof.

When her old high school crush strolls back into town, heating up feelings she thought she’d shoved to the back of her emotional freezer, she feels compelled to take up her best friend’s offer to do a makeover. Maybe it’s time she play the siren, not the sidekick.

Back in Summit Green to open a new branch of his auto repair service, Rider James barely recognizes the alluring brunette as the clumsy, introverted girl from high school. He always liked her, but back then she was too innocent to mess with. Now she’s all grown up…and turning him on.

Yet Victoria can’t help wondering if Rider will ever look past the sinful pout and stiletto heels—and love the vulnerable woman who still hides beneath.

The author grabbed my attention with the unrequited love element that kept me interested right up until the end. I liked this one.

Victoria always had a mad crush on Rider, but he never seemed to notice her as anything other than his little sister’s best friend. He moved out of town for years, but a lovelorn Victoria never got over him. Now he is back in town and interested in a romantic relationship. Victoria isn’t sure of his real feelings and who could blame her.

This was an emotional story that put me through the wringer. I got all torn up about whether or not Rider was really falling for Victoria. I couldn’t decide how I felt about him. Did I love him or hate him? Well, I can tell you that I changed my mind a few times. Now, I loved Victoria. She was strong enough to speak up for herself even to the one guy she adored. I liked that she was comfortable with her self and that she held out for what she really wanted. I especially liked how she listened and forgave.

Rider’s Kiss was a quick sexy read that I enjoyed.


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